8 Easy to Watch TV Shows

By Mason Mallett | 28 Aug 2019 at 10:30pm

We’ve all been there, we settle in for the night, pop on Netflix, and end up spending what feels like hours trawling through Netflix trying to decide what to watch. By the time you finally make that decision, it’s time for bed, and all you’ve done is waste precious Netflix time, and you go to bed feeling deflated, and a little bit annoyed. If you, like so many of us experience this struggle, then not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of the perfect shows to watch if you just can’t decide, or if you simply want to pop something on in the background that you can dip in and out of. Read on, for this list will be your saviour. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show image

After all the drama back in 2018 that Brooklyn Nine-Nine might be cancelled and leaving our TV screens for good, we can now rejoice that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is alive and thriving, and such a great show to pop on in the background. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American sitcom, which has some brilliant characters, Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, and Charles Boyle but to name a few will have you in absolute hysterics. Each episode has a different plot, but generally, the backstory follows from series to series, making it a really easy show to dip in and out of. 


Of course our list wouldn’t be complete without perhaps the best TV show on earth (maybe we are a little bias)! Okay, so we are not going to go into full detail on this, because if you don’t know what Friends is, then sorry, but WHAT are you doing with your life? Another American sit-com, Friends first aired back in 1994, and graced Netflix a few years back (hallelujah), making the perfect show to watch when you just can’t decide, whether you’re a big Friends fan or not. It’s a really easy watch, so if you have yet to watch it, pop this on next time you just can’t decide, trust us, you won’t regret it!


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Yet another American sitcom, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia follows the lives of four American friends who run an Irish pub, in, you guessed it, Philadelphia.  The four at times have questionable morals, and get themselves into many a sticky situation, which results in a lot of satire and crude humour. It’s a really great show to watch if you’re not easily offended and will also make you feel a hell of a lot better about your own morals! With each episode having its own storyline, it’s another one you can dip in and out of, as and when you feel like it. 

Planet Earth

Planet Earth TV show image

Now let’s be honest, is there anything better than sticking on a David Attenborough show, when you are not sure what to watch? Nothing beats the soothing voice of David Attenborough, who will either lull you to sleep on a lazy Sunday afternoon or keep you glued to the TV screen as you get way too emotionally attached to all the animals. Planet Earth is an Emmy Award-winning breath-taking documentary that looks at various habitats around the world, and the animals that inhabit them. It’s another classic by David Attenborough, and of course makes the list for best easy-watching shows. 

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin TV Show Image

Jane the Virgin is such an easy watch and perfect for those of us who love a bit of cheesy, binge-worthy TV every now and then. First aired in 2014 with fives seasons to watch you will definitely be kept entertained for a while. We find it’s a great show to pop on in the background while you do some of those oh so boring household chores. The show follows Jane as she is accidentally artificially inseminated, and ends up becoming pregnant with a baby she didn’t plan for. It’s a light-hearted show filled with all the drama, scandal and comedy you could wish for!


Sugar Rush

Sugar rush tv show image

Okay, so bear with us, because while this definitely might not be one of the best TV shows, it an absolutely great programme to pop on in the background. You’ll find yourself spending hours engrossed in Sugar Rush, whether you want to or not! Four teams battle it out to win a massive $10,000 prize; they compete to create unique desserts, which should not only taste mind-blowing, but also look fantastic. It’s cheesy, it’s dramatic, it’s everything we’d expect of an American reality TV show. 

Derry Girls

Derry girls tv show
Channel 4

Derry Girls is a Northern-Irish sitcom, which will have you in stitches. The show follows 16-year-old Erin, and her friends as they face the struggles of being a teenager in Northern Ireland in the 1990s. The shows first aired in 2018, and now both series are available to stream on Netflix, with another due to air on channel four in 2020. With just six episodes in each series, it will be so easy to binge-watch, and you’ll probably finish it within a few days, and be left wanting more. This show is a little comedy gem, and we’d definitely recommend you give it a go. 

Friday Night Dinner

friday night dinner tv series

If you’re a fan of The Inbetweeners, then you need to add Friday Night Dinner to your watch list. Starring Simon Bird who plays Will in The Inbetweeners, and Tom Rosenthal from Plebs, the show follows a Jewish family of four on their weekly family dinner on a Friday night. The show is full of pranks, mischief and a lot of awkward moments from their odd neighbour Jim and his dog Winston. This is a really great show, it’s easy to watch, it’s hilarious, and the best thing of all is five seasons to watch with a sixth season coming in 2020. 

So there you have it, 8 of the best easy-watching shows that you can watch on Netflix right now. From comedy to nature documentaries to explosive baking drama, there’s something that will suit everyone. So next time you sit down to watch some Netflix and you just can’t decide, then refer to our list and you’ll be thanking us later!


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