Archer Season 10: Release Date, Setting and Rumours

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By Matt Lovett | 12 Jan 2019 at 4:00pm

What’s Archer season 10 all about?

Party like it’s 1999! Or actually in this case, like it’s Archer: 1999. Don’t be alarmed, you haven’t just stepped out of a time machine. Although it may be 2019 in the real world, Archer season 10 will see the agents of ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service) experiencing a retro-futuristic vision of outer space. This is according to IndieWire.

Very much akin to the likes of Orwell’s 1984, or Bethesda’s Fallout video game series, Archer season 10 will be set in an alternate reality past meets future scenario. The show has employed this timeline shifting anthology mechanic in the past. Season 8 saw the characters portrayed in a Gangland-inspired 1947 Los Angeles, while the ninth saw them on an island in 1930’s south pacific.


Archer season 10 therefore is no different, being set in 1999 – what marks the big change this time however is the where not the when. Space. Dark, desolate, anything can go wrong – and knowing Archer probably will – space. FX hasn’t released a huge amount of information about the upcoming season, what we mostly know so far is from a Comic-Con panel.

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Returning for Archer season 10 of course is main man Sterling, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (Master of None). He’s now co-captain of the spaceship USS Figgis; alongside him is Lana Kane, played by Aisha Tyler (Friends). After just going through a divorce, the animosity between the pair will be fiercer than ever, so we’re expecting a lot of sparks to say the least!

“Lana is the co-captain and that causes a lot of tension between her and Archer because she owns half the ship,”

said Executive Producer Casey Willis

When will Archer season 10 be released?

Nothing is concrete so far, but we’ll update as and when necessary. We are, however, pretty darn sure when we’ll see Archer season 10 on screens fairly soon. Both previous iterations of the series have aired in April, so we’re definitely expecting a April 2019 release for this one.

This may all be subject to change though, as Archer season 10 is a bit different. Turns out this is rumoured to be the last season of the show to be made. If this is the case then it stands to reason that FX might spice things up a little with the air date. Stay tuned to find out the latest.

Netflix will be retaining Archer for the foreseeable future, so the show will most definitely be released there for UK viewers. We’re hoping the Archer season 10 doesn’t spell the end for the show, but we’re preparing for the worst. Let us know what you think about Archer potentially being cancelled.


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  1. Hello Fellow ‘Archer.’ Fans,

    Does anyone know when (or if) ‘Archer.’ Season 10 will be released on Netflix UK?

    Also; does anyone know whether seasons 7-10 of the show will ever be released on blu ray like seasons 1-6 were?

    I know that downloading seems to be the ‘in thing’ these days but there are still a lot of old-fashioned people like me around who like to have a physical product to play in their blu ray players!

    I find it so irritating to have seasons 1-6 on blu ray but not the following seasons. Who wants an incomplete blu ray collection?

    Here’s to season 10!!


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