Black Mirror Season 5 Release Date Leaked

By Trixie Pacis | 3 Dec 2018 at 2:20pm

Netflix’s wildly popular sci-fi anthology Black Mirror could be returning this month.

Fans of the dystopian anthology series have been on standby for any news regarding the release of Season 5. In fact, rumors regarding the air date for the long-awaited installment have been bubbling up since Season 4’s release, and long before Charlie Brooker confirmed production of a fifth season this past March.

Black Mirror Season 4 became available on December 29, 2017. This raised expectations for a similar holiday release for Season 5. More news cropped up in October but instead of learning the release date, we discovered that Season 5 would include some interactive elements.

Black Mirror will be one of the first to pilot Netflix’s “choose-your-own-adventure” features alongside Minecraft: Stories. Indeed, it seems fitting for a show that thematically explores new technologies to venture bravely into the realm of interactive on-demand media. It has been a source of much discussion as well as anticipation.

Release Date Rumors

Now, Mirror reports that a Twitter user caught a post from a verified Netflix account that revealed the Black Mirror Season 5 pilot episode called Bandersnatch will air on Friday, 28th December.

The tweet’s caption read, “A perfectly balanced December.” The post, which is pictured below, has since been deleted.

Credit: Mirror.

Could it be true?

Or is someone simply toying with us?

Well, the date does fall on the last Friday of the year following in the footsteps of last season’s pilot release. The news supposedly appeared on a verified Netflix account. Fans did also catch an episode called Bandersnatch filming in Croydon earlier this year. 

Netflix, however, has not released an official air date or confirmed the rumor.

We’d say that until you hear it from them, keep your fingers crossed that a new and disturbingly wonderful episode of Black Mirror arrives before the year is through. 


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