Black Summer Trailer: Zombie Apocalypse Netflix Series


By Mason Mallett | 19 Mar 2019 at 11:36am

We’ve all been waiting for a new zombie apocalypse series since The Walking Dead took a turn for the worse and now we have a new one thanks to Netflix! Introducing Black Summer… A brand new Zombie TV series, which looks heart pumping!

Black Summer is a prequel set in the same universe as the SYFY series Z Nation, which is the top rival for The Walking Dead currently. This means fast-paced zombies and exhilarating scenes.

Z Nation is classed under comedy, whereas Black Summer isn’t, so we should expect more serious characters and storylines.

Black Summer Plot

With all-new characters and from all walks of life, Black Summer follows a mother called Rose who is separated from her daughter, who then embarks on a dangerous journey to find her, stopping at nothing.

Thrust alongside a small group of American refugees, Rose must become allies with complete strangers to find a way back to their loved ones (sound familiar?). In a world of chaos and hordes of zombies, this is no easy task. Brutal decisions must be made to contend with zombies and their own kind.


Black Summer Cast

Full cast information is yet to be released, but the protagonist Rose will be played by Jaime King. Jaime King is most know for her role in Hart of Dixie, but also as the main bad girl in the film White Chicks.

Other cast members include Sal Velez JR. (Mayans MC) and Aidan Fink (Supergirl).

Black Summer UK Air Date

Season 1 of Black Summer will air globally on Netflix, Thursday 11th April 2019 and will consisting of 8 episodes.

The Black Summer Season 1 Trailer

Will Black Summer be a Walking Dead killer?

It is quite possible Black Summer will be able to take on the top series such as The Walking Dead, as it offers new characters, a new story and looks quite gritty, which is popular with zombie fans. The Walking Dead has been running for a long time now and it is becoming harder for the writers to keep the series interesting and different.

As long as the series isn’t dragged out and milked as much as possible and keeps to it’s own fiction and realistic scenarios, we believe it has a chance looking at The Walking Dead’s current state.

Will you be watching this new zombie series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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