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Castle Rock in the UK: Air Date, Trailer and Cast

Castle Rock (c) STARZPLAY

By Alex Cranmer-Brown | 8 Dec 2018 at 12:00pm

When will Castle Rock premiere in the UK?

Castle Rock is what happens when you mix a collection of Stephen King stories, an American Horror Story anthology running style, and JJ Abrams. These types of thriller/horror series are all the rage at the moment. It started off with the exceptionally popular Stranger Things, and has recently been tackled by the viral sensation The Haunting of Hill House.

The latest offering is Castle Rock, a show that’s already been released in the US to some acclaim. Now it’s bound for TV sets on this side of the Atlantic – but when and where in the UK will you be able to find it? Being a Hulu original, it premiered in America on July 25th, 2017 – since then it’s also been renewed for a second season.

For the UK, it’s being released on STARZPLAY (which is currently exclusively an Amazon Prime channel). Dropping on Friday 14th December. For those without access to that it’s said to be available on Virgin Media in the near future.

Who’s in the Castle Rock cast?

American Horror Story alumnus, whom you may also recognise from Moonlight, Andre Holland stars in the series as Henry Deaver. Full cast listing available from The Independent.

Bill Skarsgård, who is a Stephen King go to (playing Pennywise the Clown in IT), is back. In Castle Rock he plays an inmate of Shawshank prison who’s found a secret underground cave.

Sissy Spacek plays Ruth Deaver, Melanie Lynskey plays Molly Strand, and Jane Levy plays Jackie.

Castle Rock story line and trailer

Set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, the horror filled suburb in Maine is the last place anybody wants to live. Here we find Harry Deaver, a death row attorney that hasn’t visited the town in many years – the town in which his father was murdered. Now he’s back after he receives a mysterious call from Shawshank Penitentiary.

Any fans of The Shawshank Redemption are sure to chime with this series, although it might be a bit more distressing than even that film. Here’s what Castle Rock co-creator Sam Shaw had to say about the style of the show.

“The plan was always to approach each season as an unwritten Stephen King novel.”

That certainly should be a selling point. Anybody that’s not totally convinced yet should check out the trailer, which displays the intense dialogue and suspenseful cinematography.


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