What is Dead Pixels? E4’s New Comedy Gaming Series

Dead Pixels (c) Channel 4

By Matt Lovett | 23 Mar 2019 at 10:00am

E4 has been no stranger to slightly off-the-wall comedies over the years. From PhoneShop and The Inbetweeners to Misfits and Beaver Falls. These zany shows have proven to be hugely popular and gained the channel a big fan base. E4 are back and their latest effort is called Dead Pixels; a part-live action, part-computer animation comedy which explores the world of gaming.

The show is based on one of Channel 4’s ‘Blaps’ – a small segment of TV episodes which entertain different stories. The idea originated in 2016 and has since been developed into a full blown series. E4 are entering into slightly dangerous territory with Dead Pixels. Shows that try to depict gaming notoriously struggle and are usually either cringe-worthy or ridiculous.


We believe this one has a chance, however. It’s got a tried and tested cast with the likes of Alexa Davis (Raised by Wolves), Will Merrick (Skins), and Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat) present. Written by Jon Brown, one of the writers behind HBO’s Veep, the story is likely to pack an engaging and hefty punch.

What’s E4’s Dead Pixels about?

Dead Pixels follows the lives of Meg, Nicky and Usman. Their whole world revolves around an obsession for the massively popular, online fantasy role-playing game ‘Kingdom Scrolls’. The game is described as a mystical, magical and most importantly virtual world of wizards and wyverns. The players have a self-confessed addiction to becoming an online version of themselves and battling to complete quests.


However, when complete n00b (read: beginner) Russel – played by David Mumeni – joins the team things take a turn. You see Russel may be a n00b at the game, but he’s quite good at real life. This puts the original team members into a difficult situation: they’re forced to interact with the real world. From house parties to social events, the lives of these gamers will never be the same.

Season one of Dead Pixels will begin showing on E4 on Thursday, March 28th at 9:30pm. Check out the trailer for it here.


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