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E4 Announce The Hangover Games

By Mason Mallett | 7 Aug 2018 at 12:27pm

E4 orders ten half an hour episodes for a new game-show which we can all relate too!

We’ve all had those amazing hilarious nights where we wake up, only remember half of it and wish it was recorded so we could watch it back, am I right? Well E4 have commissioned a new game show – The Hangover Games – based on nights out.

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How will the game work?

Contestants will think they are being filmed for a UK night life documentary as they go about their booze fuelled night of drink spilling carnage, drunken laughs and tipsy tumbles,  but little do they know that in the morning after they will be woken up EARLY by a knock at the door from Matt Richardson and Ken Cheng. In their bewildered hung over state probably just wanting a bacon sarnie and a Lucozade, they are asked questions based on their antics from the night before. Cash prizes are to be won, but will their brains be able to cut through the blurriness find the answers to win?Hangover woman image


When will the game-show air on TV?

The game-show will be airing on E4. There has been no specific date announced yet, but the little birds of the internet are saying it will air this Autumn of 2018.

Here’s what Katie Maddigan, a Little Gem executive producer had to say about the show:

“We’ve met the UK’s biggest party animals filming this show and can’t wait to share the laughs, stunts and sometimes shockingly outrageous moments with the E4 audience.”

We at UKAirDates are very excited to watch this TV show and explore the unique, but relatable concept.


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