Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question you would like answering, but don’t have time to write a boring email? No worries! Listed below are some of the most common and some not so common questions we get asked.

You don’t list a TV show I am looking for, can you list it?

Yeah, probably. You can suggest a show here.

Why black and white for the branding?
To remind ourselves of the good old days when TV was in black and white.

When does X TV Show air?
If we haven’t listed an air date, we probably don’t know. That or the team are slacking and we haven’t actually updated it yet. If you know of an air date and it’s not listed, let us know in the comments or drop us an email.

How come you call a series, a season, when you focus on the UK?
Great question.

Why do so many shows say “TBA” for the air date?
This means we don’t know when the next season of the show is starting – sorry! We may have written in the TV show description about rumours or predicted air dates and times though above this. Read this information if you like dates that are a complete guess.

You focus on streaming services for TV show links as a way to watch them but what about if I want to rent it from my local video store?
Unfortunately, as of yet we don’t have a system in place to check the tens of video stores in the UK for what stock they have. This might be something we can look at in the future, if there is huge demand for this.

I want to find a list of shows by channel, can you help me?
Yep. We have a list of all TV shows and you can easily filter these down by channel. Problem solved.