Is Friends Actually Leaving Netflix in the UK?

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By Mason Mallett | 4 Dec 2018 at 1:05pm


You’ve probably just seen the viral posts going around on the internet and social media that Friends is leaving Netflix on 1st January and you’re in full panic mode scouring the internet to see if the rumours are true.

The rumour came about when Netflix US had set the expiration date for Friends to expire on 1st January 2019, a long with the Warner Media Group making their own streaming service. The combination sent an Friends fans panic across the globe. We can finally make you relax as we can announce the rumour is not true! Netflix US had fixed the mistake with the expiration date and confirmed that Friends won’t be leaving any time soon.

Netflix UK also had a lot of worried Friends fans tweeting them regarding the situation, to which they replied with confirmation that Friends isn’t leaving Netflix.

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If that isn’t enough evidence for you, Netflix also confirmed it again in the style of a Friends episode name.

Friends IS NOT Leaving Netflix

Take a chill pill! You don’t have to worry or panic-watch every single episode before 1st January. Friends is here to stay and is not going “ON A BREAK!”

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