Shooter TV show image



Based on the best-selling novel “Point of Impact”, and the feature film starring Mark Wahlberg. A highly decorated ex-marine is coaxed back into the action to stop a…

SIX TV show image



SIX follows the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), more commonly known as SEAL Team Six which has a mission to eliminate a Taliban leader, however…

Spooks TV Show Image



Spooks (known as MI-5 in some countries) is a British TV drama series that aired on BBC One. The series follows the missions of MI-5, the UK’s…

Stan Lee's Lucky Man TV show image

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man


From the creator of Marvel, Lucky Man is a crime series which follows DI Harry Clayton a detective with a huge gambling addiction which causes the cost…

starwars the clone wars tv show image

Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a 3D animated series based on the Star Wars universe. The time period is set in the 3 years between the…

Station 19 tv show UK image

Station 19


Station 19 is a spin off series to Grey’s Anatomy. The series follows the personal and professional lives of the heroic fire-fighters at Seattle fire station 19.

Strike Back TV Series UK

Strike Back


Strike Back is based on the novel of the same name. The series follows the actions of section 20, a secret unit of the British Defence Intelligence…

Supergirl TV show image



Supergirl is one of the last surviving Kryptonians and also Superman’s cousin. After 14 years of keeping her superpowers a secret on Earth, she finally decides to…

Taken TV show



Taken is a TV series prequel to the famous film series which starred Liam Neeson of the same name. Taken follows former green beret Bryan Mills, as…

Teen Wolf TV show image

Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf follows Scott McCall, a social outcast student living in Beacon Hills who gets bitten by a werewolf becomes one himself, he must now deal with…