The Killer in My Family TV Show Image

The Killer in My Family


The Killer in My Family explores an alternative approach to the usual murder documentaries, and tells the story from the perspective of the murderer’s family, including the…

The Little Drummer Girl


An adaptation of the spy novel by John le Carré. The Little Drummer Girl follows Charlie, a young actress who gets sucked into the world of espionage…

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The Mallorca Files


The Mallorca Files is set amongst the expat community in Mallorca. The series features a British and German detective clashing over their very different approaches to policing…

The Mechanism TV series on Netflix

The Mechanism


Inspired by true events and from the creator of Narcos, The Mechanism follows a police task force which uncover a widespread corruption scheme involving the Brazilian government…

The Mentalist TV Show Image

The Mentalist


After a successful career, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), a famous psychic, decides to out himself as a fake. Now he works as a consultant for the California…

The Murders tv series UK

The Murders NEW!


The murders is a Canadian Procedural drama, which follows rookie homicide detective Kate Jameson. With an strong fight for justice after her father was killed in the…

The Oath TV show

The Oath

Spring 2019 (Season 1)

The Oath is a gritty crime-drama which follows a secret gang made up of select police officers. The gang go to the extremes and do whatever it…

HBO TV Series Image

The Outsider


The Outsider is based on the novel by Stephen King. The series follows police detective Ralph Anderson and Holly Gibney as they dig deeper into a case that…

The Punisher TV show image

The Punisher


Special agent Frank Castle had it all, an amazing family, an adventurous career and a great life. Suddenly his life is taken away from him after the…

The Purge amazon tv series

The Purge


The Purge is a 10 part spin-off series based on the popular movie collection with the same name. The series is set in America and revolves around…