Stichers TV show image



Stitchers is an American sci-fi crime drama and follows Kirsten Clark, a young women with the power to go into the minds of the recently deceased. She…

Strike TV Show Image



Strike (C.B. Strike on HBO Canada) is a British, 7 episode crime drama based on the detective novels written by J. K. Rowling, under the pseudonym Robert…

Take Two TV Show Image

Take Two


Take Two is an American TV series set in Los Angeles and stars Rachel Bilson (The OC) as Sam Swift. Sam played a detective for multiple years…

Taken TV show



Taken is a TV series prequel to the famous film series which starred Liam Neeson of the same name. Taken follows former green beret Bryan Mills, as…

The ABC murders TV series

The ABC Murders


The ABC murders is set in the 1930s and follows Hercule Poirot, a belgian detective who has to investigate a serial killer case while the body counts…

The Act TV Show Image

The Act NEW!


The Act is a seasonal anthology series that tells startling true crime stories. The first season follows Gypsy Blanchard, a girl trying to escape a mother inducing…

The Bad Seed TV Show Image

The Bad Seed NEW!


The Bad Seed follows two brothers, Ford and Simon Lampton, from a family with a dark history. After raising themselves up from the desperate days of their…

The Blacklist tv series image

The Blacklist


The Blacklist follows Raymond Reddington (James Spader, also seen in The Office), known as Red, who is an ex US naval intelligence officer and now one of…

the blacklist redemption tv series

The Blacklist: Redemption


The Blacklist: Redemption is a spin-off series of The Blacklist. The series follows covert operative Tom Keens as he joins forces with Susan “Scottie” Hargrave to do bad,…

The Brokenwood Mysteries TV Show Image

The Brokenwood Mysteries


The Brokenwood Mysteries is set in a quiet country town in New Zealand, the kind you might find just a few hours drive from any city. It…