top boy

Top Boy


Top Boy is a British crime drama, first broadcast in October 2011 by Channel 4. Taking place mainly in a housing estate in Hackney, East London, it…

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Traitors (previously known as Jerusalem) is a drama series that follows Feef Symonds, a British civil servant in her twenties. Feef agrees to spy on her own…

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Transparent revolves around a Los Angeles family with serious boundary issues, and their lives following the discovery that their father Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) is a trans woman.

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In crowded and expensive London, cash-strapped couple Gemma and Kieran open their small apartment to a third person. Somehow, their new addition, Ray, makes the flat seem…

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A grieving teen finds an unexpected connection with two classmates at her new high school after they all land in the same Shoplifters Anonymous group.

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True Blood


The True Blood TV show is a Vampire Fantasy Drama which has a huge cast featuring Anna Paquin (X-Men), Stephen Moyer (The Gifted), Alexander Skarsgård (The Little…

true detective

True Detective


True Detective is an American anthology crime-drama series produced by HBO. The first season starred Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan; taking place in Louisiana. It…




Trust is an American anthology drama series that originally premiered on FX in March 2018. The first season was written by Simon Beaufort and directed by Danny…

Trust Me season 2

Trust Me


Trust Me is a TV series that started off as a medical drama, where a nurse steals the identity of her best friend to begin a new…

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Truth Be Told NEW!


Truth Be Told provides a unique glimpse into America’s obsession with true-crime podcasts and challenges its viewers to consider the consequences when the pursuit of justice is…