How to Watch Netflix on NOW TV Devices

By Mason Mallett | 7 Jan 2019 at 11:49am

At first it might seem silly to think you can watch Netflix on NOW TV, but you actually can. NOW TV isn’t just a streaming service, it has a range of products and devices which you can download apps on such as Netflix, iPlayer, All 4 and more.

We’re not solely talking about the NOW TV streaming service here – if you have a NOW TV Entertainment pass for example, you can’t simply watch Netflix using that. Check below to see what you will need to watch Netflix with NOW TV.

What do I need to Watch Netflix on NOW TV?

First off you will need a Netflix subscription, you won’t be able to watch Netflix with-out it. Secondly you will need one of the NOW TV Devices which supports Netflix.

Here’s a list of devices which support Netflix:

  • NOW TV Smart Stick
  • NOW TV Smart Box with 4k and Voice Search
  • NOW TV Smart Box with Freeview
  • NOW TV Box (Black)

Once you are on any of these devices, head over to the apps section and search for Netflix. Simply download it and log-in to your Netflix account. You can now watch Netflix on NOW TV!

If you’re interested to learn more about NOW TV Devices, passes and prices, check out our NOW TV Guide.

What Other Apps and Streaming Services Can I Watch on NOW TV?

Watch Netflix on NOW TV

Not only can you watch Netflix on NOW TV, but you can watch and use other apps. All your favourite apps are available to watch such as BBC iPlayer, ALL 4, itv Hub, Demand 5 and many more. Check this apps list to see a full list of all the apps available on NOW TV devices.

Watch Netflix on Sky

Netflix is now also available to watch on Sky Q with their ‘Ultimate on Demand’ package. With this package you get a Netflix subscription included in the price – no more having to pay for Netflix if you have the Ultimate on Demand bundle.


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