Stop Slow Buffering and Increase Wi-Fi Speed with a Powerline Adapter

By Mason Mallett | 30 Nov 2018 at 9:51am


Powerline adapters are an amazing device which you need to have if you are using TV streaming services, especially if you are getting slow buffering times, streaming in 4k, the connection is dropping or getting slow speeds when using your devices on the Wi-Fi. Best of all, they are super easy to set-up!

How do Powerline Adapters Work to Increase WiFi Speed?

You’re sat in your bedroom on your laptop, the WiFi connection is really poor as it’s struggling to get through the walls and other interfering objects in your house. You could go and plug your laptop directly into the router, but that means having to sit right next to your router while you use your laptop, having to leave the comfort of the bedroom and probably pull up a chair in an unusual space of your house, or you could trail a huge Ethernet cable through the whole of your house, which is a trip hazard and looks untidy – This is where a powerline adapter helps.

A powerline adapter is a bit of tech which comes as two adapters. One adapter you plug into the mains and connect to your router with an Ethernet cable, the other adapter you plug into the mains anywhere in your house, for example your bedroom. You then connect an Ethernet cable from the adapter in your bedroom and plug it into your laptop. See the image below to get a visual explanation:

How to set-up your Powerline Adapter

Powerline adapters are so easy to set-up, you simply plug them into your mains and connect one adapter to the router and one adapter to the device of your choice via an Ethernet cable and it works – there’s no tech knowledge needed at all. Simple as that.

What Devices can I Use a Powerline Adapter on?

You can use the powerline on any device which uses the internet and has an ethernet port. Here are a few examples:

Gaming Consoles
Gamers hate a poor internet connection and connection drops due to the WiFi. Get lag-free gaming by using a powerline adapter. Most gaming consoles also allow you to use streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV, using the powerline adapter will make streaming on these devices smooth and hassle-free.

Using YouTube and streaming services like Netflix on your laptop can be a pain on WiFi. Eliminate slow buffering times and freezing by using a powerline adapter.

Smart TV
Smart TVs use a WiFi connection to allow you to use streaming, video and TV catch-up apps. Using these can prove difficult on a weak WiFi signal. Boost your WiFi Signal and extend it’s range by plugging the powerline adapter into your Smart TV to give you endless freeze-free streaming.

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How much do Powerline Adapters Cost?

The average price for a set of powerline adapters is around £30, but they can range from £15-£80+. The more expensive ones usually have WiFi built into them so you don’t need to use an Ethernet to connect your devices to the adapter.

The Best Powerline Adapters to Buy

TP-Link PA9020 AV2000

Overview: The TP-Link AV2000 powerline offers the fastest speeds. It has 2 ports to connect two devices and features a pass through plug so you can still use the socket for other things. Great for streaming and gaming.

Price: £99.99

View cheaper models from £25.



devolo wifi AC adapter

Devolo dLAN 1200+ Wi-Fi AC

Overview: The Devolo dLAN 1200+ Wi-Fi AC is a top of the range powerline adapter kit, offering lightning fast speeds, 2 ports with a built-in Wi-Fi signal booster. Perfect for gaming and streaming film/TV. The Adapter also has a pass-through socket.

Price: £128



BT Broadband Extender 600 Kit

Overview: The BT Broadband Extender is our best budget powerline adapter. It may not provide the fastest speeds or offer a pass-through socket, but for the price you get better speeds than usual and is good for streaming.

Price: £23




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