Jamestown Series 3 Premieres Friday

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By Trixie Pacis | 25 Apr 2019 at 4:53pm

Looking for something to watch this weekend? New World period drama Jamestown Series 3 premieres this Friday and marks the show’s final season.

The Sky original paints a complicated world layered with drama, intrigue, romance, and conspiracy—exactly what one would expect from Downtown Abbey creator Bill Gallagher. The series is produced by Carnival Films and shot on an elaborate set in Budapest as well as other locations around Hungary.

What is Jamestown about?

Based on true events, the series delves into a community of New World settlers in Jamestown, Virginia during the 17th-century. The drama follows three spirited young English women—Jocelyn, Alice, and Verity—sent overseas to marry the men of Jamestown.


These female pioneers have left their old lives behind and embarked on a journey to start anew. They came to the New world with big dreams—and the task of helping the settlement prosper. However, they face inhospitable wilderness, social challenges, and the threat of unpredictable indigenous peoples. Not to mention, their husbands-to-be had been living in a colony of only men for 12 years.

What will happen in Season 3?

Season 2 ended with rising tensions caused by community leader George Yeardley. Jocelyn also seeks revenge for the destruction of her plantation, though it’s been salvaged. The community also has mixed views about Yeardley’s interest in expanding the territory onto Native American land, given the trouble it will stir with the local native population.

The new season will pick up as business booms for the tobacco farm. With the community flourishing, it has become a bigger target for outsiders and conspirators. The settlers’ growing aspirations clash with reality whilst politics test their New World idealism. Great tensions also rise between the English and the Pamunkey tribe. Meanwhile, Maria, Pedro, and fellow Angolans fight for a rightful place within the colony, free from tyranny.  

Yeardley’s thirst for power grows whilst Chief Opechancanough (Raoul Max Trujillo) takes measures to protect his native land. Outsiders now include Henry, who has taken a Pumankey wife and lives in exile with his brothers Silas.

According to an interview with actor Max Beesley, “The third series is full of intrigue, it’s a multi-layered drama involving all the characters and one of Bill Gallagher’s strengths in this is keeping all of those factors integral to each episode whilst moving the story forward and keeping the audience engaged. It’s really difficult for writers to be able to do that but Bill does. It’s no mean feat with eighteen characters when you write for an ensemble cast like that.”

Who is in the cast?

Credit: Sky.

The show has followed its three female leads from the very beginning. The main characters are Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick), Alice (Sophie Rundle), and Verity (Niamh Walsh). Collectively, they have appeared in shows such as Peaky Blinders, A Very English Scandal, Holby City, and Crossing Lines.

Max Beesley (Homeland, Suits) returns as farmer Henry Sharrow with Stuart Martin (Medici) back to play Henry’s younger brother Silas. Patsy Ferran (God’s Own Country) also returns as Mercy.

Jason Flemyng (Pennyworth) and Claire Cox (Luther) reprise their roles as Virginia’s Governor Sir George Yeardley and Governess Temperance Yeardley, respectively.


Raoul Max Trujillo returns as Chief Opechancanough, along with Kalani Queypo and others of the Pamunkey tribe.

Any new faces this season?

Ben Batt (Shameless, Captain America: The First Avenger) will join the Jamestown crew this season. He will appear as a trader named Willmus Crabtree.

How to Watch

Jamestown Series 3 will air on Sky One at 9 pm on Friday, April 26th.

If it’s not yet on your list, be sure to check out the trailer:

Need to catch up?

Watch Season 1 & 2 of Jamestown on Sky and NOW TV.


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