Kimi Raikkonen Wins US Grand Prix in Amazing Race

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By Mason Mallett | 22 Oct 2018 at 2:04pm

Kimi has stunned every-one in the racing world as he beats Lewis Hamilton with some of the most edge-of-your-seat racing we have seen!

Team Ferrari takes first place at the Formula 1 US Grand Prix as Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen stopped Lewis Hamilton from getting an early title win. Hamilton will now have to wait to get his fifth title.

This is Raikkonen’s first win in over 5 years and although he pulled off an amazing racing defence with the crowd going absolutely nuts, he kept his cool and excitement in the interviews and on the podium. We did however feel the relief and hard-work – in true Kimi style as he said “F***ing finally” as he crossed the finish line.

F1 US Grand Prix first lap
Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool
US Grand Prix Podium Places
  1. Kimi Raikkonen
  2. Max Verstappen
  3. Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen finished second after having a superb race. Verstappen’s starting position was 18th due to a gearbox penalty, but drove his heart out to secure a second place beating Hamilton.

Here’s what Kimi had to say about the race:

“It has been a great weekend. The car has been good all the time. Got a good start and needed to push hard. The tyres were going off at the end but we had enough speed and kept it consistent and just tried to keep the tyres alive to the end. It’s been a long time, but here we are.”



Hamilton looked gutted about a third place finish, but congratulated both drivers that beat him, saying:

“Big congratulations to Kimi, he did a great job today, no mistakes. Verstappen did a great job as well. He was on a slightly better tyre than us at the end.

Lewis Hamilton only needs one seventh-place finish from the final three races to claim his fifth title. Vettel, who spun-out on the opening lap, must win all three races to have any chance of getting the title – his chances are looking extremely slim.

Watch the F1 US Grand Prix highlights


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