Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Documentary Air Date

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By Mason Mallett | 20 Feb 2019 at 2:01pm

A disturbing, shocking and too many, an unbelievable documentary is coming. Leaving Neverland is a four hour, two-part documentary following interviews with two men who made accusations that one of the most iconic stars in the world had sexually abused them.

About the Documentary

Michael Jacksons neverland documentary
Neverland Ranch. Photos via Joyce Rey.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck are the two men making the sexual assault allegations. Both men met the king of pop when they were under the age of 10 years old. Wade Robson started a friendship with Jackson after winning a local dance contest to meet him. Wade’s mother was starstruck and encouraged their friendship, which eventually got deeper and darker.

James Safechuck had met Michael Jackson through a role in a Pepsi advert, through which their friendship grew. Again the mother of James Safechuck was also amazed and encouraged the friendship. Not before long James was accompanying Jackson on tour.

As we learn about the relationships the two men allegedly had with Michael Jackson it get’s slowly disturbing with the men describing the acts they say Michael Jackson performed, including oral sex while one of the boys slept and a number of anal and oral activities. Jackson use to give one of the boys jewellery as a reward for the sexual acts and even once had a mock wedding with one of the boys, complete with a real ring.

The documentary get’s even darker, but we’ll let you watch the series yourself. It also explores the mother’s actions and their decision making through out the relationships.

Leaving Neverland Air Date

The Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland will air Wednesday 6th March on Channel 4. You will also be able to catch-up on the two-part documentary on All 4.

The series will also air on HBO in the USA.

Leaving Neverland Michael Jackson Documentary Trailer

If you’re a documentary lover, or a fan of Michael Jackson this is definitely one to watch. It will give an insight into Michael Jacksons life whether the accusations are true or false.


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