Modern Family Season 11 Might be Happening

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By Matt Lovett | 26 Oct 2018 at 4:43pm

Modern Family is one of the most loved, and longest running, sitcoms in recent memory for American broadcaster ABC. Inevitably, its time may well be coming to an end, 2019 would see it enter its 9th year of production. Showrunner Steve Levitan went on record in January claiming that he couldn’t see the show moving on past it’s current final year timeline. However, it turns out this may not be 100% true and the chances of us seeing Modern Family season 11 are increasing.


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Levitan spoke briefly on the likelihood of Modern Family season 11. In its current state, season 10 is the last contracted season for the show.

 “There’s definitely interest from the studio and network and we’re all trying to figure out if that’s what we want to do.”

mentioned Levitan,

“There’s a general desire from just about everybody involved to not say goodbye yet. There are a couple hurdles that have to be climbed. We’ll see if it all comes together.”

There were surely be a lot of support for another iteration of the series from fans and critics alike. Modern Family has been nominated for countless awards over the years, it even won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series five years in a row! It’s not easily achievable however, the production of Modern Family season 11 would require the entire cast to enter into new contracts.

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If, on the off chance, we do a renewal, Levitan is certain that season 11 would be its last,

  “I thought season 10 was going to be it. I think everyone has said season 11 is it. If we were to do it, season 11 would be it, for sure. And I’m not sure it would be a full season. We’re all trying to figure that out.”

Further to what The Hollywood Reporter have said, Deadline are now fairly certain that a Modern Family season 11 will happen after all. The ball is firmly in ABC’s court, whether they think another run is worth it is impossible to know right now. Modern Family is currently reaching it’s season 10 finale in the US, but it isn’t being treated as a final season episode – seemingly another encouraging sign that Modern Family season 11 will happen.


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