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By Mason Mallett | 17 Apr 2019 at 9:45pm

Good Omens just seems to be looking better and better with each bit of news that gets released. Today we have a brand new trailer of the highly anticipated Amazon Original series. If you haven’t heard about the series yet, then you need to watch the trailers, as this is one series not to miss!

The series is a comedy drama, that follows a demon and an angel, who are forced to team up to find the Antichrist and stop the end of the world, however the Antichrist is an eleven-year-old boy who does not know he has the power to destroy the world and the demon and angel have no idea of his whereabouts.


Neil Gaiman is the big name behind the Good Omens series, he wrote the novel, which the series is based upon and he is also an executive producer for the series. You may recognize his name as he also wrote American Gods and the DC Comic Lucifer.

A large budget for the series bagged a great star-studded cast, including David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Michael Sheen (The Good Fight), who play as the two main characters. Other stars joining the cast include British comedian Jack Whitehall (Bad Education), Benedict Cumberbatch, Adria Arjona, Brian Cox (not the scientist) and many more.

New Good Omens Trailer (Lullaby)

The new trailer sees the demon Crowley (David Tennant) in the disguise of a nanny, singing a lullaby to a child while we are shown short clips of happenings in the series.

Some of those clips include a child looking at an image of the devil, Newt (Jack Whitehall) driving next to a UFO, a child flying off into the sky, a huge octopus attacking a boat and a raging fire on earth.

The trailer concludes with Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) welcoming Crowley to the end times, with a drink in hand.

When is Good Omens coming out?

Good Omens is going to air globally on Friday 31st May. Write that down on your calendar now! To watch the series you will need to have Amazon Prime Video, as Good Omens is an Amazon exclusive.

If you do not have Amazon Prime Video you can get a free 30-day trial here.

Other Good Omens Trailers

The official trailer for Good Omens has already been released and shows more detail than the Lullaby trailer above, it also features the hit song Under Pressure by Queen.

Will there be a second series of Good Omens?

Right now, the series is set to be a mini-series, which would mean just the one season. Neil Gaiman has even said that he has ruled out a second season. Having said this, we have seen other series expecting to have one season to be then granted with another after high viewing figures.

We think a spin-off series will be far more likely though than for the series to have a second season, but we’re not getting our hopes up just yet as it is early days.

Let us know what you think of the trailer and if you will be watching the series in the comments below.


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