Our list of the best new shows coming out this April

By Mason Mallett | 2 Apr 2019 at 9:30am

This is no April’s Fools, these are some of the top shows to watch that are coming out this April!

April is going to be a good month in TV with some brilliant new Netflix shows and BBC produced dramas. Including a zombie series and another new interactive series.

All the shows here are listed in chronological order of air date, so you can quickly see the latest series coming soon.

Our Planet

Our Planet Netflix

Our Planet is a new Netflix documentary series narrated by our national treasure, Sir David Attenborough. Being pretty much Netflix’s take on popular documentary series such as Planet Earth, Our Planet will explore different places on Earth from treacherous Arctic plains to barren deserts. The series will also have a big focus on the imminent threat that is climate change.

Air date: Friday 5th April 2019
Channel: Netflix

The Victim

The Victim TV Show Image

The Victim is the BBC’s new drama with an interesting story-line, which differs from most thrillers. Starring Kelly MacDonald, The Victim follows a mother whose son of nine-years-old was murdered by a then thirteen-year-old. After campaigning to be told the killers identity, she gets accused of revealing his new name online.

Some big questions are asked – What exactly is she guilty of and what is she capable of doing?

Air date: Monday 8th April 2019
Channel: BBC One

The Widow

The Widow TV Show Image
Two Brothers Pictures | ITV

Starring the fantastic Kate Beckinsale, The Widow is a new mystery-drama that follows Georgia Wells, whose husband of more than ten years dies in a plane crash in the Congolese Jungle. However three years later Georgia learns something shocking, that will make her travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to discover the truth about her husbands disappearance.

Air date: Monday 8th April 2019
Channel: ITV 1

You Vs Wild (Interactive)

You Vs. Wild TV Show Image

Interactive TV shows are growing, especially since Black Mirror’s film Bandersnatch went viral. Now Netflix have teamed up with survival expert Bear Grylls to create an interactive experience series called You Vs Wild, where you make important decisions to help Bear Grylls survive in some of the harshest environments Earth has to offer.

Air date: Wednesday 10th April 2019
Channel: Netflix

Black Summer

Black summer season 1 trailer

Black Summer is going to be the next big zombie production. It is set as a prequel to Z Nation, however holds a serious vibe and story-line. With fresh characters, the story follows a mother who is forcefully parted from her daughter during a zombie apocalypse. Dumped with a bunch of American refugees, she must now make crucial decisions and team up with strangers to make her way back to her daughter.

Air date: Thursday 11th April 2019
Channel: Netflix


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