Brand New NOS4A2 Trailer Released + Latest Cast News

Zachary Quinto as Charlie Manx - NOS4A2 - Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

By Matt Lovett | 1 Apr 2019 at 4:45pm

The name Nosferatu may hark back to a time of black and white films of the past for some people. Once a highly influential silent horror film that changed the genre forever. Soon the name will relate to something else. That’s because AMC in the US are set to bring out a brand new supernatural TV series entitled NOS4A2.

Based on the seminal novel by Joe Hill, son of the infamous writer Stephen King, the book was first published in April 2013. Now adapted into a television format after being given the green light last year. Joe Hill is involved in the project, acting in an executive producer role.


NOS4A2 will follow the story of Vic McQueen, a young artist who discovers her supernatural ability to track an immortal vampire – Charlie Manx. Manx sustains his life force by feeding on the souls of children, then trapping their remains in a place called Christmasland. It soon becomes clear that Vic is the only one who can stop Manx, but she’s playing a deadly game in trying to do so.

NOS4A2 Casting

Some big names are present for AMC’s latest high profile thriller. Not least of which is Zachary Quinto (of Heroes fame but more recently in American Horror Story). Quinto plays villainous vampire Charlie Manx. Inhabiting the dangerous world of Christmasland – a cold, dark world inside Manx’s imagination. Here every day is Christmas and unhappiness is against the law.

The young artist, Vic McQueen, with all this responsibility suddenly on her shoulders is played by Ashleigh Cummings. A working class kid with a creative mind like no other. So creative, in fact, that it becomes her superpower. Manx becomes aware of McQueen and realises what a threat she poses and must figure out what to do with her pretty quickly.


Also starring in NOS4A2 are Olafur Darri Olafsson as Bing Partridge, Virginia Kull as Linda McQueen, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Chris Mcqueen. The 10-episode series will begin first in the US on 2nd June, 2019. We’re expecting the show to be picked up and shown on FOX or AMC UK this side of the pond. Release date TBC.

NOS4A2 Trailer

Check out the first full length NOS4A2 trailer here and let us know what you think.


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