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Stranger Things Season 3 Gets Release Date

By Alex Cranmer-Brown | 2 Jan 2019 at 5:01pm

Netflix have finally given us an announcement for the Stranger Things season 3 air date. We already had an inkling that we’d see the kids return in summer 2019. It’s now been fully confirmed – with a release date of July 4th, 2019. The date also represents a big holiday in America, namely Independence day, so we’re expecting a lot of fireworks.

We’ve had a few teasers for Stranger Things Season 3 come our way in the last few months. The most notable were the videos showing clips of the new mall that has been built in Hawkins, Indiana (where ST is set).

The Starcourt mall looks to feature heavily in a couple of the episodes for season 3 as well. Not only are we getting a summer release date, the 3rd installment of Stranger Things will also take place during the school summer holidays. In another teaser we were given the episode names, two of which mentioned the mall: “The Mall Rats” and “The Battle of Starcourt” so we’re excited to see it frequently.


The news for the Stranger Things season 3 release date was released via Instagram (among other platforms), and was reposted by most of the cast. It features an image which users on Reddit, to no one’s surprise, have been dissecting heavily for any possible clues. We see Eleven and Mike holding hands – presumably in a relationship finally. Further away Dustin, Max and Lucas captivated by some fireworks. Then there’s Will, who looks very scared, a sign that he hasn’t fully recovered. He’s also looking straight at the monster visible at the bottom of the poster, Eleven has spotted the creature also. Let us know what you think is going on here!

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The release poster wasn’t the only announcement made by Netflix. They also released a 1980’s themed VHS teaser with the July 4th 2019 date at the end. It doesn’t give much else away and you’d only guess it was Stranger Things related due to the Nostalgic feel of the video. It’s worth nothing the movie Back to the Future was released in the US on July 3rd, 1985 – so we’re expecting a few references to the classic film in the upcoming season. Here’s the video in question:


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