The Walking Dead Series Arrives on Prime

By Mason Mallett | 3 Apr 2019 at 2:25pm

The Walking Dead fans will be pleased to hear that seasons 1-7 are now free to watch on Amazon Prime Video, if you have Prime. Amazon have also said that it shouldn’t be long before season 8 will also be available to watch for free (for Prime subscribers).

Currently on the Amazon Prime service all 9 seasons are available, but only seasons 1-7 are free with Prime. Season 8 and 9 are available to purchase individually.

Where else can I watch The Walking Dead?

Not only is The Walking Dead available on Prime, but you can also watch it on NOW TV. Although not every season is available on NOW TV, the latest season usually is. NOW TV is constantly changing it’s shows, so make sure you check what seasons are available before subscribing to it, if you are not already a subscribe of the NOW TV service.

Of course you can always watch The Walking Dead on TV as the new episodes air on the channel FOX in the UK.


What other TV series are on Amazon Prime?

Along with The Walking Dead, you can watch other great shows on Prime. If you’re interested in TWD, then you’ll definitely want to watch Fear The Walking Dead, which is a spin-off series of The Walking Dead. At the time of writing the first 3 seasons of Fear The Walking Dead are available to watch for free if you are a Prime subscriber.

Other great shows available on Prime Video include:

  • The Grand Tour
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • American Gods
  • The Tick

I’m bored of The Walking Dead, what else can I watch with zombies?

If you’re wanting a fresh series to start that is set in a zombie-apocalyptic world, then be sure to give these a watch! Both of which are available on Netflix.

Z Nation

Z Nation is a more comical zombie series that follows a group of ordinary people that must transport the only living virus survivor to a lab awaiting his blood. The only problem is that their three thousand mile journey is filled with hordes of zombies.

Black Summer

Made as a prequel series to Z Nation, Black Summer is a more serious zombie series – at least compared to Z Nation. It follows a mother who is forcefully departed from her daughter when the apocalypse happens. Now, with a group of American refugees, she must find her way back to her daughter.

Black Summer is a new series which airs 11th April 2019 exclusively on Netflix.


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