Tin Star Returns With A Bang – Season 2 Airs January 2019

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By Trixie Pacis | 12 Jan 2019 at 3:57pm

Tin Star Season 2 is confirmed to return to Sky this month. Set in the majestic Canadian Rockies, Season 1 introduced us to Jim Worth, a former British detective turned small-town police chief taking a second chance at a tranquil life. But crisis struck his family and pulled old demons out of the woodwork.

So dark was the tragedy that ended Season 1, that its action-packed finale left fans unsure whether its lead character would survive to appear in further seasons.

We now know that Worth will return to the Canadian town of Little Big Bear and Tim Roth will be reprising his role as Police Chief when Season 2 broadcasts later this month.

What will happen in season 2?

It appears that Season 2 of Tin Star intends to dig deeper into the fractures exposed in Season 1. According to the official synopsis released by Sky Atlantic:

“At the end of series one, Police Chief Jim Worth (Tim Roth) and his family were left destroyed by the chaos that had followed Jim and his alcoholic alter ego Jack Devlin from the UK. The second series picks up where we left our anarchic and unlikely hero, cut off in the remote Rockies wilderness with his grieving and shell-shocked family struggling to come to terms with their ordeal.

“Seeking refuge from her own parents, Anna Worth (Abigail Lawrie) is taken in by the God-fearing Nickel family. However, the peaceful prairie family are harboring secrets of their own and it’s not long before Anna is forced to seek her father’s help. If Jim is to find a way to save his family, atone for his sins and be rid of Jack forever he must form an uneasy alliance in the battle for forgiveness.”


First look images show promise that the follow-up season will live up to the dark and moody tone established by the first, which was first released on Amazon Prime in the US back in September 2017.

The Season 2 trailer for Tin Star (shown further below) and promo materials also provide further details. Worth appears to survive his violent ordeal—his daughter shot him and his wife left him in the snow to die. He quickly embarks on a search for his daughter, who has sought refuge with a religious community.

Who will return for the new season?

“We are thrilled to be given a further opportunity to delve deeper into the characters we had such fun with in series one,” the show’s creator Rowan Joffe announced.

Indeed, several key characters will return for Season 2. As mentioned, The Hateful Eight’s Tim Roth is back as Jim Worth. Worth is a former undercover detective for the London Metropolitan Police. His designation and relocation as a Canadian Police Chief landed him and his family in Little Big Bear during Season 1. Worth’s alcoholic and trouble-causing alter ego, Jack Devlin, will also be in tow.

Returning alongside Roth is Christina Hendricks as North Stream Oil PR representative and spin doctor Elizabeth Bradshaw. Members of the Worth family also return with Genevieve O’Reilly as Angela and breakout actress Abigail Lawrie as Anna.

New cast additions will also be joining the returning cast. They are Jenessa Grant (Orphan Black, The Handmaid’s Tale), Anamaria Marinca (Mars), and John Lynch (The Terror, The Fall).

“We are delighted that John, Anamaria and Jenessa have joined our wonderful cast,” Joffe adds.

When will Season 2 air?

“A second series of Tin Star lets us build on the established world of Little Big Bear, but also gives the audience a glimpse of another intriguing community and provides us with a family who are strangely unsettling for our hero Jim Worth,” producers stated in a Sky forum.

To find out precisely what they mean, we will have to tune in when Tin Star Season 2 returns on January 24th, 2019 @ 9pm.

Rowan Joffe and Kudos, the production company behind Tin Star, have confirmed that the series will have ten episodes. Upcoming episodes will air exclusively on Sky Atlantic and Now TV in the UK and Ireland.

Thanks to Sky and Channel 4’s shared programming deal, Tin Star Series 1 episodes have aired on Channel 4. Hopefully, this has drawn a wider audience to the show in time for its next instalment.

Should I give Tin Star a shot?

If you’re a fan of thrillers and haven’t already seen Tin Star, you should consider giving it a chance. On the surface, the show may appear to be a straightforward drama. It follows a demoted police chief who becomes entangled in the affairs of and oil behemoth called North Stream. But deeper and darker themes surface as the oil industry shifts the town’s social dynamics. Further chaos ensues as Worth’s past catches up with him, unleashing his violent alter-ego.

There are several other elements that separate Tin Star from the crowd. The series uniquely maps a captivating internal struggle between Jim and his alter ego Jack. In an interview with CBS News, Roth explained that “Jack is the past he’s running away from, but he comes out when he’s tempted into getting drunk. He’s the blackout version of Jim. In a sense, it’s a Jekyll and Hyde situation.” Despite the balancing act of playing two characters, Roth has managed to pull it off… so far, at least.

Roth is not the only one delivering strong performances, making the acting yet another reason to check out the series. The show brings together a combination of veteran and breakout talent and all get a chance to flex their talent.

Did they really improvise a whole episode?

During a live interview with Build, Roth explained, “Rowan was up for it. He’d seen what we were doing, and we’d been improvising throughout the series. He loved the family dynamic so he kinda went, ‘go for it, let’s see what you got.’”

Roth adds, “It’s a phenomenal process. You don’t get to improvise on tele because it’s big business and they’re scared of you doing that. But once [the ‘money guys’] started seeing what we were doing, they were going ‘Ah you’re alright, don’t worry about it’ and picked [the series] up again.”

Tin Star is also worth a shot if you gravitate towards dark comedic thrillers shot with cinematic flair. The noirish suspense is not only heightened but also intelligently sustained.

And best of all, Roth promises that the upcoming season is “gonna get weird”.


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