Top 10 Googled Shows in 2018 – Have you Watched them?

By Mason Mallett | 8 Jan 2019 at 4:37pm

2018 was a great year for TV, particularly in the UK. We have some great, traditional and thrilling British dramas along with reality shows which went viral around the world.

We have taken a look at the searches on Google in for TV shows in 2019 and the results are in… here are the top 10 most googled shows. Which ones did you watch?

The Most Googled Shows in Detail and Where to Watch them

I’m A Celebrity

im a celeb 2018

I’m a Celebrity was the most googled TV show of 2018 in the UK, and that doesn’t surprise us! In 2018 Holly Willoughby took over Ant’s spot while he was having a break from TV. Even though I’m a Celeb is a big show anyway, this host change definitely would have made more people watch it to see if it worked, and it did! Holly was a great sport.

The shows first episode of 2018 peaked with 11.6 million viewers with the final episode peaking at 11.86 million, which has been the best viewing figures for the show in 5 years.

How to Watch I’m A Celeb:
I’m a Celebrity is available on the ITV Hub.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve TV show image

Killing Eve was another huge hit on UK television. It was a gripping drama, full of mystery, suspense and also humour. The series has two female leads, one of which has recently won a Golden Globe for her acting in the show.

If you haven’t watched Killing Eve already, we recommend it as your next series to watch, you will not be dissapointed and it has already been renewed for its second season!

How to watch Killing Eve:
Killing Eve is available on iPlayer.


shows like boadyguard image
(C) World Productions – Photographer: Sophie Mutevelian

Another British TV show produced by the BBC like Killing Eve. Bodyguard was a procedural drama focusing on Sergeant David Budd (played by Richard Madden) who was the personal protections officer for the home secretary. The show blew up on the internet quickly as the first episode was filled with suspense that will get you sweating.

Throughout the series the word Ma’am was said a hell of a lot and became a bit of a meme, so much in fact we worked out how many times Ma’am was said in bodyguard in this article.

How to watch Bodyguard?
Bodyguard is available to watch on iPlayer.

Love Island

love island tv show image

This show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of the biggest reality TV shows around, and this year it kept viewing figures higher than ever.

The drama, fueds and controversial cheating helped spread the show on social media and a lot of people took to share their opinions forever more increasing the searches on google.

The winners of the 2018 series of Love Island were Jack Fincham and Danni Dyer (Danny Dyer’s daughter).

How can you watch Love Island?
Love island is available on ITV Hub.

Celebrity Big Brother

Big Brother cancelled
Emma Willis, Courtesy: Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother is another popular reality TV show fuelled by controversy, drama and strong opinions. Even though the TV show had the fifth most searches of any TV show in 2018, it proceeded to cancel the show for the foreseeable future.

Big Brother (Non-celebrity)

It makes sense for Big Brother to come behind it’s celebrity alternative. The series provider viewers with the most eccentric, flamboyant and interesting characters the UK has to offer, creating drama, hilarious moments and perspectives.

How to Watch Big Brother?
You can catch up on both Celebrity and normal Big Brother on My5.

The Cry

The Cry TV Show Image

The Cry was a new drama series starring Jenna Coleman. The series was one long emotional rollercoaster with some great acting, due to this it was the 7th most googled show of 2018, even though it came out late September.

The thriller series got great reviews and was a hit with social media also. It’s definitely a recommended watch, but you will need to bring tissues.

Where can I watch The Cry?
The Cry was broadcast on BBC One, however at the time of writing it is no longer available on BBC iPlayer. It is available to buy on Amazon Prime Video.

Dancing On Ice

Dancing on ice 1028 TV show image

Dancing on Ice beat rival show Strictly Come Dancing on the searches in 2018. The reality show puts celebrity contestants to the test on the ice rink as they must perform skating routines with great technicality with little time to learn the skills.

Where to watch Dancing on Ice?
You can watch Dancing on Ice on the ITV Hub, the new series has just started on ITV.

The Haunting of Hill House

scariest shows on netflix image

Possibly the scariest show of the year. The Haunting of Hill House is a Netflix original series, which blew up on social channels. It has everything you want out of a horror movie from jump scares to a decent story line. The show is said to be so scary, that some viewers passed out in fear while watching it.

If you are a big horror fan, then The Haunting of Hill House is a must-watch. If you’re a bit of a wuss like myself, then definitely avoid all kinds of contact with it, don’t even watch the trailer.

What channel is The Haunting of Hill House on?
You can watch the series on Netflix in the UK.

Hard Sun

HardSun TV show image

Now this one was a surprise to us. Hard Sun wasn’t really talked about or had much movement on social channels, but it claimed tenth place on the google searches for 2018. Hard Sun is a pre-apocalyptic drama which follows two London police officers, who must work together to after they find out Earth will be destroyed by a cosmic event which is a secret the government are hiding.

Where can I watch Hard Sun?
Hard Sun is available to buy on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.


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