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UKAirDates Big TV Quiz! Can you get them all right?

By Mason Mallett | 19 Dec 2018 at 3:50pm

So you think you’re a TV fanatic? Take our TV quiz to see if you truly are a TV genius!

In this TV Quiz there will be different rounds, with both specific and generic topics to do with TV.

TV Quiz Round 1 – General TV knowledge

In this round you will be given generic questions about TV series.

  1. In Breaking Bad, what is the main drug Walter and Jesse “cook”?
  2. How many dragons does Daenerys have in Game of Thrones?
  3. What three colours is Dustins cap in Stranger Things
  4. What is the main family name in The Peaky Blinders?
  5. In The Walking Dead, what was Glenns job before the apocalypse?
  6. Who is the artist and what is the song name for the theme tune of Friends?
  7. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine what food product does Terry Jeffords love?
  8. What was Season 4 of American Horror Story called?
  9. In the first episode of Black Mirror, what animal is the cause of controversy?
  10. How many years does the plane skip in the American series Manifest?

TV Quiz Round 2 – Netflix

This round is all about Netflix.

  1. What are Netflix’s own series called?
  2. How many reasons why?
  3. In The Good Place how does Eleanor die?
  4. What year was Netflix founded?
  5. Name the Netflix film which stars Jennifer Aniston?

TV Quiz Round 3 – Guess The Celeb

In this round you will be given characters from TV series, you must guess who the actor/actress is.

  1. Arya Stark
  2. Sheldon Cooper
  3. Tommy Shelby
  4. Sergeant David Budd
  5. Piper Chapman
  6. Chandler Bing
  7. Jim Halpert
  8. Sookie Stackhouse
  9. Will Mckenzie
  10. Frank Reynolds

TV Quiz Round 4 – TV Quotes

Round 5 of the TV quiz will be about quotes from TV series, fill in the blanks, earn an extra point if you can guess which character said it!

    1. I [BLANK] and I know things.
    2. We were on a [BLANK]!!!
    3. Wubba [BLANK] Dub Dub.
    4. Brace yourselves, [BLANK] is coming.
    5. The worst thing about prison was–was the [BLANK].

TV Quiz Round 5 – TV Anagrams and riddles

The final Round! Solve the anagrams and riddles.

  1. (Riddle) I look at my reflection, but all I see is darkness
  2. (Anagram) HOTCOWROD
  3. (Riddle) The last stop on a compass, where we live
  4. (Anagram) EVILKLINGE
  5. (Riddle) With pale skin, I write my daily story


The Answers

Round 1:
1. Meth.
2. Three.
3. Red, white and blue.
4. Shelby.
5. Pizza Delivery.
6. The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You.
7. Yoghurt.
8. Freak show.
9. Pig.
10. Five years.

Round 2:
1. Netflix Originals.
2. Thirteen.
3. Hit by trollies.
4. 1997.
5. Dumplin’

Round 3:
1. Maisie Williams
2. Cillian Murphy
3. Jim Parsons
4. Richard Madden
5. Taylor Schilling
6. Matthew Perry
7. John Krasinski
8. Anna Paquin
9. Simon Bird
10. Danny DeVito

Round 4:
1. Drink – Tyrion Lannister
2. Break – Ross Geller.
3. Lubba – Rick Sanchez.
4. Winter – Ned Stark.
5. Dementors – Michael Scott.

Round 5:
1. Black Mirror
2. Doctor Who or Torchwood
3. Westworld
4. Killing Eve
5. Vampire Diaries


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