The premise of Catchpoint is simple – don’t drop the ball! Ten large screens are positioned along the back wall of the “Catch Zone”, which display the answers to each question that the players face. Suspended above the catch zone are ten trapdoors – each containing a ball. Only the trapdoor that is located directly above the correct answer screen will open and send a ball plummeting to the ground.

All the players must do is stand in front of the screen that they think is displaying the correct answer, press the button to release the ball and then catch the ball when it drops from the trapdoor. If the player is standing in the right place it should be a piece of cake, but if they get it wrong they have to rely on fast moves and quick reflexes to catch and keep hold of the ball.

 TV Show Air Date & Info for the UK

Next UK Air Date: TBA
Last Season: 1

UK Channel: BBC Two

Country of Origin:  UK
Renewed: Yes


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