Rick Stein’s Secret France

Roaming around France in his car, Rick Stein leaves the main routes and tourist hotspots behind to embark on a personal road trip. He eats at both traditional and innovative restaurants, visits markets and delves into the local history. While he’s no stranger to France, Rick meets local chefs, farmers, artisans and more, all of which reveal new insights into the country’s ever-changing culture and cuisine.

 TV Show Air Date & Info for the UK

Next UK Air Date: TBA [Suggest?]

UK Channel: BBC Two

Country of Origin:  UK
Renewed: Not Known
Broadcast: Weekly


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1 thought on “Rick Stein’s Secret France”

  1. Not knowing when Secret France is to be aired is killing me. I can barely bare the excitement! What’s with the big secret, bbc2? Please, put me out of my misery, before I put myself out.


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