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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is a quiz show originally hosted by Chris Tarrant. The show has 2 main stages, the “fastest finger first” and the main game. The fastest finger first involves a group of contestants competing to answer the given question the quickest, the first person to do so is selected to play the main game.

The main game involves answering question after question for an amount of money which increases in value as they proceed, however, so does the difficulty of the questions asked. The final question, if they reach it, is for one million pounds. Some questions activate a safety net, where if they guess another question wrong, they are still guaranteed to get the amount of the safety net question was worth.

The contestant has a selection of “lifelines” they can use throughout the game, being able to only use each one once. They are:

50/50 – Removes 2 wrong answers out of the 4
Phone a Friend – The contestant can phone somebody for help
Ask the Audience – The audience collectively vote on the answer
and more recently Ask the Host – The host gives their answer for consideration

Unlike other shows, the contestant can choose not to answer a question and leave the show with the amount of money won from the previous question.

TV Show Premiere Date & Info for the UK

Next UK Air Date: 1st January 2019 (Tuesday)

Genre: Game-Show

Country of Origin: UK

Next Season Airing: 32

UK Channel: ITV 1

Renewed: Yes

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Fun Fact

In certain celebrity specials between 2002-2003, and reintroduced in season 27 up until 2014, there was an additional lifeline called Flip, where the contestant could swap out the current question for another question of the same monetary value. However, any lifelines used on the original question were not re-instated and the user could not return to the previous question, as the answer was revealed for this previous to the new one being asked.

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