UKAirDates Official Christmas TV Film Rankings

By Matt Lovett | 19 Dec 2018 at 4:41pm

It’s coming round to that time of year again when you’ve got a great excuse to plonk yourself in front of the TV – it’s Christmas. Christmas means a lot of things: time off work, good food and company, and most importantly good telly. The truth is sometimes you can get bombarded by the available choices, that’s why we’ve put together this Christmas TV film rankings list.


Now we’ll hear no complaining about the structure of this list! It took hours of painstaking deliberation. If you’ve got your own ideas about the specific tiers then let us know in the comments, but try to keep it civil. You may be asking yourself why we put Die Hard in the ‘crap tier’, there’s a good reason behind this. Die Hard isn’t (in our eyes) actually a Christmas film whatsoever – it just happens to be set at Christmas – Bruce Willis was lucky to make the list at all.

christmas tv film rankings

In the top tier we find the likes of Home Alone, the Macaulay Culkin classic which, since its 1990 release, has impacted a whole generation of millennials. The ‘meh tier’ is occupied heavily by seasonal romcom films like Love Actually and The Holiday. This is mainly because they break very little new ground as films in general, instead they are carried to their highly regarded position in people’s thoughts due to their exploitation of Christmas romanticism – a heinous act by the producers.

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We agree this is very much a subjective ranking system, and it led to many an argument in the UKAirDates office. If you think we’ve missed any classics out, or if you just want to shout at us for our choices, the comments section is available to all below. Christmas is a time of acceptance, togetherness, and reflection; but it’s always fun to fling a few insults at each other at the same time. From all of us here at UKAD: Merry Christmas!


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