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The Umbrella Academy Full Length Trailer Revealed

The Umbrella Academy (c) Netflix

By Alex Cranmer-Brown | 25 Jan 2019 at 5:20pm

What is The Umbrella Academy about?

Netflix have released the first full length trailer for their hotly anticipated series The Umbrella Academy. A TV adaptation of Gerard Way’s (of My Chemical Romance fame) legendary comic book saga, this superhero show looks to be a cut above the rest. Described as a dysfunctional family of reluctant superheroes, the Hargreeves siblings are anything but your typical crime-fighters.

After 43 women mysteriously give birth despite not being pregnant, an eccentric millionaire adopts six of these ‘miracle’ children. His vision: to create The Umbrella Academy, a school for superhero children to develop their powers (X-men anyone?). However, the story doesn’t depict their time at the academy; rather, the story picks up 17 years later where the children have become adults.


Dysfunctional adults at that. They hate each other and they blame it on their upbringing. What’s more – one of them’s gone rogue. One of The Umbrella Academy children has grown up to become a supervillain. This forces the rest of the group to meet up again and start cooperating, for the sake of the world. According to Ars Technica the series is set in 1989; the comic book, in contrast, takes place in 1977.

Who stars in The Umbrella Academy?

Robert Sheehan (Misfits) plays The Seance, a chaotic yet charismatic telekinetic who converses with the dead.

Ellen Page (Inception) portrays Vanya Hargreeves and is surprisingly devoid of powers, but is nicknamed The White Violin – due to her tendency to kill using a violin

The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy (c) Netflix

Tom Hopper (Game of Thrones) as Luther Hargreeves, with super strength an a fondness for outer space he’s known here as Spaceboy.

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy (c) Netflix

Emmy Raver-Lampman plays Allison Hargreeves. Also known as The Rumour, she can manipulate to reality around her just by telling lies.

The Umbrella Academy

World renowned singer Mary J. Blige plays Cha-Cha, a time travelling hitman. Technically she not part of The Umbrella Academy family but she’s a pretty cool addition nonetheless.


Lastly we’ve got Aidan Gallagher as The Boy, a time traveller who never ages. He’s discovered the impending apocalypse and alerts the others to the coming danger.


The Umbrella Academy Trailer

Anyway, that’s enough exposition about the characters and actors present in The Umbrella Academy. I’m sure you’re dying to check out the official full length trailer so we’ve got it for you below. Netflix states The Umbrella Academy is to start streaming on the 15th February, 2019 – mark your calendars kids!


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