How you can watch lotteries live in 2019

By Mason Mallett | 4 Sep 2019 at 2:52pm

Lotteries are thrilling, you can win huge amounts of money, but you have to be extremely lucky. There are many different types of lottery draws such as the Euromillions, Thunderball and the National Lottery, but where can you watch all these lottery draws live? Well, let us show you!

Of course, the obvious answer is TV, but you will be surprised that there are many other ways you can watch the draws live on the internet, we’ll take a look at the most popular UK lottery draws and let you know how to watch them live.

Watch The National Lottery (Lotto) Live

Perhaps the most famous lottery draw here in the UK, which is now commonly known as Lotto. For Lotto, there are quite a few ways to watch the draw live.

TV – The Lotto draw is broadcast live on TV on the channel ITV/STV, Wednesday and Saturday nights during commercial breaks. Times do vary, but it’s usually between 19:45 and 20:30.

National Lottery Website – The National Lottery website live streams all their draws under the “lottery draws” section. On the page you can also find the times for all of the upcoming draws for the different lotteries.

YouTube – YouTube is another way you can watch the Lotto draw live, the official National Lottery YouTube channel live streams and also lists the draws as videos, just in case you miss them. If you subscribe to their channel you will be notified of when the draws go live.

Watch Euromillions Draw Live

Euromillions is highly popular due to the massive amount of money up for grabs with many hoping they will be that lucky lottery winner. Just like the national lottery, you can watch the Euromillions live on their Youtube channel and the official National Lottery website.

Unfortunately, the Euromillions draw is not broadcast live on UK TV and is only available to watch live online.

Thunderball Draw Live

The Thunderball lottery is another lottery, which is only drawn live online. The game has a lower jackpot prize, but in return, your chances of winning are higher. The Thunderball live draw can be watched via the national lottery website or the National Lottery YouTube channel.

Set For Life Lottery Draw Live

Set For Life is a new kind of lottery game, which came out in 2019. Instead of winning a big lump sum, you win £10,000 every month for 30 years! Although the game is new, it’s growing ever more popular as the chances to win are higher than lotteries like the Euromillions, but you also have that security in the event you do win, you can’t spend it all at once as it keeps coming in month after month.

You can watch the Set For Life draw at 8pm every Monday and Thursday on the National Lottery website or YouTube channel.

Lotteries that you cannot watch live

Not all of the lotteries are televised or available to watch live online. These lotteries include The health lottery, The people’s postcode lottery and Irish lotto (unless you are viewing from Ireland).


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