Watchmen TV Series: HBO Confirm Small Screen Plans

Credit: HBO

By Matt Lovett | 20 Aug 2018 at 5:30pm

Originally released in movie theatres the world over in 2009, Zack Snyder’s Watchmen brought Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ limited series of DC Comics to life with its dark tale of dystopia and alternate history. Now, years after the first speculation came about, HBO have confirmed that they’ll be making a fully featured Watchmen TV series – airing sometime in 2019. Not only have HBO made the announcement about the air date, they’ve also listed the full cast in a press release:

Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Adelaide Clemens, Andrew Howard, Tom Mison, Frances Fisher, Jacob Ming-Trent, Sara Vickers, Dylan Schombing, Lily Rose Smith and Adelynn Spoon.

HBO got the twitter world in a bit of a frenzy when they release a short promo video for the Watchmen TV series, claiming that ‘Nothing Ever Ends’.

The excitement comes as this will be HBO’s first ever superhero show, and we know from the amount of quality they produce with shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld that we’re sure to get a compelling a well-made series.

Directed by David Lindelof, the show only initially had a pilot episode commissioned but this news confirms we’ll be getting a fully fledged season. There have been some ideas floating about regarding the plot line of the show, and Lindelof posted an extended image on Instragram of the direction he’s looking to take the Watchmen TV series. Since then, however, there’s been a slightly more succinct post released officially about the story line of the show:

“Set in an alternate history where ‘superheroes’ are treated as outlaws, Watchmen embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel while attempting to break new ground of its own.”

That’s about it on the details for the Watchmen TV series so far, we don’t know when it will be airing in the UK and we don’t know which channel will obtain the rights. We’ll be keeping you updated as the details progress.


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