What Series to Watch on Netflix in the UK?

By Mason Mallett | 8 Nov 2018 at 2:49pm

Do you find yourself flicking aimlessly through Netflix show after show without choosing a series to watch? Perhaps your other-half tells you to pick something, but everything you pick they say no too? If this sounds all to familiar then we have your back! Get the popcorn ready, grab your controller prepare for a Netflix and chill night in. Navigate your way through the flowchart below to find what TV series to watch on Netflix in the UK.

Netflix Series Infographic on What to Watch

What to watch on Netflix in the UK infographic
(c) UKAirDates

Now we have solved all your Netflix worries and prevented arguments and remote snatching, you can get snug in your blanket and relax the night away. What series are you watching? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are looking for new shows coming out on Netflix, check out our up-coming page to find the latest shows.


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