Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train


Join the friendly dinosaurs on the ‘Dinosaur Train’ to learn about natural science, history and palaeontology. Discover all kinds of dinosaurs and the world which these amazing…

Disenchantment TV show image



Disenchantment is an upcoming animated sitcom created by Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons). It follows the medieval misadventures of a hard-drinking princess Bean, her feisty elf…

Netflix TV show image



Entergalactic is an animated series that follows a young man on his journey to discover love. The series showcases music from Kid Cudi’s album of the same…

F is for Family TV show image

F is for Family


F is for Family is an animated raunchy comedy set in the 1970s. The series explores all things 1970s and follows Frank Murphy, his wife and their…

Family Guy TV show image

Family Guy


In the wacky town of Quahog, we follow a dysfunctional family trying to cope with everyday life (very similar concept to The Simpsons) while being thrown from…

Final Space TV show image

Final Space


After meeting an adorable planet destroying alien called mooncake, Prisoner Gary goes on intergalactic adventure to save the universe and if the universe has an end point….

Freedom Fighters: The Ray TV Show Image

Freedom Fighters: The Ray


Reporter Raymond “Ray” Terrill is investigating a group of government scientists who are developing a weapon using light, when he is attacked with a “genetic light bomb”…

Futurama TV show image



Futurama is an animated cartoon by Matt Groening (The Simpsons, Disenchantment). The series follows pizza-deliverer Fry who get’s accidentally frozen and wakes up 1,000 years into the future. Now part…

Gen:LOCK TV Show Image



Gen:Lock (stylized as gen:LOCK) is an American anime-style web series set on a dystopian future Earth, in which cultural divisions are solved through fighting in giant, mecha…

Green Eggs and Ham TV Show Image

Green Eggs and Ham


Green Eggs and Ham is an animated series based on the 1960 Dr. Seuss book of the same title. Guy-Am-I, an inventor and his friend Sam-I-Am go…