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A Christmas Carol

December 2019 (Season 1)

As Ebenzer Scrooge is visited by four ghosts from the past, present and the future, on a freezing Christmas Eve, he must face up to how his…

a discovery of witches sky one original production

A Discovery of Witches


Based off the novel by the same name by Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches is set in Oxford and follows historian and reluctant witch Diana Bishop,…

American Gods

American Gods


Based on the novel with the same name by Neil Gaiman, American Gods follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) who after being released from prison meets the mysterious Mr….

Arrow tv series image



Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to Starlin City after being presumed dead for 5 years when his yacht got lost at sea. He lives his luxury,…

Ash vs Evil Dead TV Show Image

Ash vs Evil Dead


Ash vs Evil Dead is set approximately 30 years after the first three Evil Dead films, and is a sequel to the trilogy. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell)…

the beast uk

Beauty and the Beast


Inspired by the Disney tale we all know and love, Beauty and the Beast (TV Series) takes on a very modern twist and different characterisations. The series…

Beyond TV Show Image



Holden Matthews (Burkely Duffield) wakes up from a 12-year coma and discovers that he now has supernatural abilities, ones that propel him into the middle of a…

Bitten TV Show Image



Bitten is a Canadian TV series based on the Women of the Otherworld series of books by author Kelley Armstrong. The series follows Elena Michaels who is…

Black TV show image



Black follows a grim reaper forced to chase his runaway partner, who unveils twenty year old truths of cold case murders. The murders complicate the reapers role…

Britannia TV Show Image



Set in AD 43, Britannia follows the Roman conquest of Britain — a  land ruled by warrior women and very powerful druids who can channel the forces…