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If you love TV as much as us (which we bet you do since you’re here!), we are sure you are itching to find out when your favourite show returns on UK telly. Did your favourite series get left on a cliff hanger? Or maybe you are looking for a new show to start watching? Look no further to find a list of upcoming TV season air dates on UK TV. We regularly update UKAirDates.com with all the latest series premiere dates for upcoming TV shows.

We Hunt Together

27th May 2020 (Season 1)

We Hunt Together follows Babeni (Baba), a former child soldier desperate to suppress his predisposition for violence, and Freddy, a magnetic and disarmingly charming free spirit. When Baba…

Alan Carr's Epic Game Show TV Show Image

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow

30th May 2020 (Season 1)

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow sees contestants play to win big-cash rewards or top-of-the-range prizes. Alongside the entertaining contests that viewers know and love, including Play Your Cards…

Younger TV Show Image


May 2020 (Season 3)

Younger is an American comedy-drama which follows Liza Miller, a single mother who after being mistaken for younger than she really is, decides to take the chance…

The Titan Games TV Show Image

The Titan Games

1st June 2020 (Season 1)

With Dwayne Johnson’s desire to motivate global audiences to reach their potential both mentally and physically, The Titan Games offers everyday people the opportunity to step inside…

Alex Rider

4th June 2020 (Season 1)

Alex Rider is an upcoming British action adventure TV series produced by Sony Pictures Television. Starring Otto Farrant (Marcella) in the titular role, the series also stars…

El Presidente

5th June 2020 (Season 1)

El Presidente (The President), is inspired by the true events behind the FIFA corruption scandal dubbed “FIFA Gate”. Set against the backdrop of cities across Latin America,…

swat uk


7th June 2020 (Season 3)

SWAT is an American crime action drama TV series based on the 1975 version of the show with the same name. SWAT is set in Los Angeles…

Takeshi's Castle Thailand TV Show Image

Takeshi’s Castle Reboot

8th June 2020 (Season 8)

This series is a reboot of the original Japanese series and stars UK celebrities as commentators. The evil Shogun Takeshi has kidnapped Princess Woonsen and imprisoned her…

Hitmen preview art


Spring 2020 (Season 1)

Hitmen follows two best friends trying to make their way in the world with only each other to rely on. They also happen to kill people for…

Dead Still TV Show Image

Dead Still

29th June 2020 (Season 1)

Dead Still is set in 1880s Ireland in the Victorian era heyday of postmortem photography. As renowned memorial photographer Brock Blennerhasset expands his business with the help…

Hanna TV Show Image


3rd July 2020 (Season 2)

Based on the film with the same name, Hanna follows an extraordinary young girl, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries…

in the long run

In the Long Run

22nd July 2020 (Season 3)

In the Long Run is a British comedy drama TV series which is produced by Green Door Pictures and broadcast on Sky One in the UK. It…

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

July 2020 (Season 1)

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels is a spin-off of the original Penny Dreadful. The spin-off is set in 1938 Los Angeles, a time and place deeply infused with…

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