About UK Air Dates

UK Air Dates is owned by Lemon Ads a digital agency.


UK Air Dates launched in August 2018. The site was started to provide users with information on if shows from abroad air on UK TV and when TV shows regardless of where it’s from air on TV in the UK. Over time whilst building UK Air Dates the site has evolved into a fantastic TV discovery platform as well for shows that air in the UK. You can easily find shows based on genre, country of origin and even filter by how the show is released (e.g. if its batch released “Netflix style” or the more traditional weekly release of episodes), so you can easily find shows you want to binge watch, if thats what your looking for.


Meet the team

Matt Lovett

Founder of UK Air Dates. Huge TV fan, mostly Dramedies. Favourite shows are Chuck, Suits and The Royals.

Mason Mallett

Binge-watcher, popcorn eater and king of the remote. My top genres are comedy, fantasy, and action.

Trixie Pacis

Screenwriter, producer's assistant, and rock climber. Netflix > chill. All-time favourites include Game of Thrones, Chef's Table, and Fargo.