Welcome to our glossary, where you can find all the terminology and definitions to do with TV shows and the entertainment industry.


Terms & Definitions

Air Date – Also known as a ‘premiere date’, this is the date that a TV show will be available to watch on TV.

Anthology Series – A series that presents a different story and usually a different set of characters for each episode or season. Some popular Anthology series are American Horror Story, Black Mirror and Fargo.

Batch Release – All episode of a season or whole series gets released at once. These kind of shows are great to binge-watch.

Binge-watch – Watching episode after episode back to back in a day. Binge watching has become popular due to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video.


Docu-drama – A dramatised re-enactment of true events.

Dystopian – Dystopian is a genre where a world or society is in great suffering or injustice, which is usually post apocalyptic.

Live-Action Series – A series which uses real actors and actresses instead of animation.

Medical – TV shows relating to hospitals, ambulance staff, doctors, nurses and other medical environments.

Period – A historical series that is set in a specific era or time.

Procedural –  Procedural TV shows are focused on aspect of a law enforcement agency, legislative body, or court of law, commonly these shows will be about the police force.

Renewed – A confirmed new series will be coming out.

Sitcom – An abbreviation from situation comedy. Sitcoms features and focuses on a fixed set of characters throughout the series.