Kate Kane must overcome her own demons before being able to protect the streets of Gotham as Batwoman and becoming their symbol of hope.

 TV Show Air Date & Info for the UK

Next UK Air Date: TBA

UK Channel: No UK Broadcaster

Country of Origin:  USA
Renewed: Not Known
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8 thoughts on “Batwoman”

  1. I wonder if anyone knows how can I legally watch Batwoman on-line or on DVD. I am willing to pay for it. I have looked on YouTube and on Amazon but found nothing.

  2. No one knows who has Batwoman show yet, sky emailed us and said that they could not get the show off CW. Heard a rumour there going to be something at WB streaming service but there’s no launch date in Uk for that yet, Crossover is going to be totally ruined without the episode, the rest of the arrow universe is going to change after that so it’s a real shame that CW put money over the fans who watch these shows, without fans, there are no shows.

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