Kate Kane must overcome her own demons before being able to protect the streets of Gotham as Batwoman and becoming their symbol of hope.


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Next UK Air Date: TBA [Suggest?]
Last Season: 1

UK Channel: E4

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27 thoughts on “Batwoman”

  1. I wonder if anyone knows how can I legally watch Batwoman on-line or on DVD. I am willing to pay for it. I have looked on YouTube and on Amazon but found nothing.

  2. No one knows who has Batwoman show yet, sky emailed us and said that they could not get the show off CW. Heard a rumour there going to be something at WB streaming service but there’s no launch date in Uk for that yet, Crossover is going to be totally ruined without the episode, the rest of the arrow universe is going to change after that so it’s a real shame that CW put money over the fans who watch these shows, without fans, there are no shows.

  3. People are going to watch it illegally then when it does come out peope will not bother watching after such a mess about an spoil ratings so won’t look good for Batwoman, I’ve been waiting to see this series in action since Kate Kane was brought to life in last years crossover and with the perfect actor getting the role I was totally stoked for this one, gutted it’s not coming on sky1 in England

    • who are you trying to kid? it is absolutely illegal, no grey area.
      of course, you won’t be prosecuted for it as they will go after the people who upload the streams not the users, so it’s just whether or not you’re OK with it but make no mistake it is absolutely illegal.

      • If you download PlayOn cloud as an app (free) you can download and play as it connects to CW direct. It’s a free 5 day trial you have 5 free downloads … it takes a while. Batwoman is on there 🙂 hope that helps? I figure if you wait until all the episodes have been aired get your 5 downloads and pay 1.99 for a bundle you could spank the whole series in 5 days! Its a great show 👍

        • Do we know what episode / series starts Crisis???
          I have heard the 5 part Crisis will begin before Christmas and continue afterwards in the New Year. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sky hold back on the whole thing until they know where Batwoman is going to be airing from.
          Hoping there’s some news soon.

  4. Think I’m gonna have to read the episodes Wikipedia plot after its aired and then watch a bunch of YouTube reactions/reviews to try and get the just of it. Bloody ridiculous, but only way of knowing what’s gonna be happening.

  5. Sky aren’t putting the crises episodes that they have on untill mid January. So our mid season breaks for Supergirl and The Flash will start one episode earlier than in America.

  6. Just seen this on the Geektown website … ( This is a copy & paste – so not my words and I have nothing to corroborate )

    the latest official update from Sky (06/12/19):

    Just wanted to give you guys the latest update we have from Sky regarding the whole Batwoman/Arrowverse crossover “crisis”…

    Sky say they have the rights to broadcast Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow, and will be showing these seasons in full.

    However, Sky has not managed to acquire the rights to broadcast Batwoman… This is due to them having been already acquired by “another party”, but they do not know who has acquired those rights and do not know where or how the series will be broadcast in the UK.

    There were some stories going around saying Sky weren’t broadcasting the crisis event at all. Those stories are incorrect. They are, however, holding the 4 crossover episodes they do have until early 2020.

    So, yes, this will mess up the crossover on Sky One in the UK, and I think we can say that Sky is just as annoyed about that as the UK Arrowverse fans. But if the rights aren’t there to buy because someone else has them, there really isn’t anything Sky can do about it…

    We’ll just have to wait and see when and where the series does appear. We will post when we hear more…

  7. According to the TV Times website E4 have bought the rights to both Batwoman and Harleyquin TV shows and shall be airing them early 202”

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