New Factual Channels From Sky Launching Later This Month

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By Matt Lovett | 17 May 2020 at 12:36pm

While Sky announced that they would be launching an array of new factual channels a little while ago, the time has now come to enjoy them hitting your TV screens next week, on Wednesday 27th May. With Sky Documentaries, Sky History and Sky Nature catering for all tastes, there is something for everyone amongst the programme listings. While you may not have been a factual programme fan before, you may be surprised at the shows available to watch. Read on to find out all about the latest additions to the Sky repertoire.


Sky Documentaries

Sky Documentaries will no doubt become a powerhouse in factual programming. With world class filmmakers and producers covering a vast array of topics, from politics to sport, there will be something for everyone. With Sky Documentaries commissioning a revealing portrait of Hillary Clinton in Hillary, viewers will be able to see the most personal moments of one of the world’s most admired and admonished women.

In McMillions, Sky Documentaries shows a surreal exploration into the world of a man who rigged the popular Mcdonald’s Monopoly game defrauding the company out of millions. Alongside other documentaries coming in May and June, such as The Plastic Nile and Tiger Woods: Back, the world of factual programming is more exciting than ever.


Sky History

For those viewers who are history buffs, Sky has a whole channel dedicated to their guilty pleasure. With programmes such as Secret Wars Uncovered, viewers can learn about the most controversial operations since the Second World War. The CIA and SAS are examined and moral judgements explored with regards to their actions. For a lighter Sky History show, Eating History takes viewers on a culinary historical journey through time, focusing on those more historically significant and shocking foodstuffs.


For people who enjoy more ancient history that’s a little weird and wonderful, UnXplained with William Shatner, is a unique scientific approach to looking at conspiracies and happenings that have come to fruition. Sky History delves into cults, crimes and other seemingly unexplained phenomena and tries to explain them using science and reason.

Sky Nature

The wonderful world in which we live is explored in greater detail than ever before with original programming taking viewers through the plains of Africa in Africa’s Wild Horizons and south Asia in Into The Wild: India. Beautifully shot with spellbinding cinematography, Sky Nature has invested time and money into crafting some of the finest nature documentaries ever to hit our TV screens.

Wild Animal Babies spans numerous continents and countries to focus on the most elusive animals and their young. This in-depth and sympathetic look into species that are rarely seen opens up our eyes to the incredible power of nature. This is fantastic and educational viewing for kids and adults alike. 

Throughout May and June, programmes are going to be dropping for your viewing pleasure. If you are a big fan of original programming and relish the opportunity to learn through the medium of television, add Sky Documentaries, Sky History and Sky Nature to your viewing schedule.


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