The Best TV and Netflix Drinking Games to Play

By Mason Mallett | 31 Jan 2019 at 2:30pm

So, you have your friends round and are trying to think of some drinking games to play? Why not put on some TV and play these hilarious drinking games which don’t require much more than your TV and your favourite alcoholic beverages!


We are going to share a few games which will be split into two categories – generic TV drinking games, specific TV show drinking games and Netflix drinking games.

These drinking games are meant to be fun, please drink responsibly!


Generic TV drinking games

These drinking games will just require you to have a TV, they are not specific to a certain TV show and are playable at any time, so long as your TV is turned on!

Sticky Item Drinking Game

The sticky item drinking game is simple. Simply stick something to your TV such as a small paper moustache, when it lines up perfectly with a face on TV – take a drink! For this one, there are no real set rules, you can make your own, for example sticking some blue tack on the screen and you drink every time it lands on a persons face or eye.


TV Word Drinking Game

For this drinking game get everyone in your party to choose a word, every time one of these words is mentioned take a drink. All words must be different. We recommend choosing a word relating somewhat to the TV show that you are watching, for example if you are watching Love Island, some good words would be banter, mug, pied, sort and grafting.

TV Advert Drinking Game

This game focuses on the breaks in between your TV shows (of course don’t play this game if you’re watching BBC!). As soon as the advert hits everyone must strike a pose which you decide at the start of the game. The last person to finish this pose has to drink. You can include this game into the other drinking games mentioned above!


Specific TV Show Drinking Games

These drinking games all revolve around a specific show, we cover the most popular TV shows and drinking games associated with them.

Game of Thrones drinking game

Game Of Thrones TV show image

The Game of Thrones drinking game is quite simple, just take a swig of your drink every time:

  • A character swears.
  • The Iron Throne is shown.
  • You see one of Daenerys’ dragons.
  • A main character dies.
  • Someone sends a raven.
  • A character takes a sip of a drink.
  • You see the wolf sigil of House Stark.
  • Every time the north gets mentioned.
  • There’s nudity or a sexual scene.

Football match drinking game

If you’re watching the match with a few friends and cracking open some cold ones, then why not play this football drinking game. All you have to do is take a drink every time:

  • A player scores.
  • The ball goes out for a throw.
  • A corner or free kick is given.
  • A player gets carded.
  • The ref blows his whistle.
  • A substitution is made.
  • A manager gets up out of his seat.
  • The ball goes into the crowd.
  • A player gets cramp.
  • One of your party shouts REF!

Optional bonus rules:

  • A streaker invades the pitch.
  • A bicycle kick is performed.
  • A player scores an own goal.
  • A player scores a penalty.

Peaky Blinders drinking game

Peaky Blinders season 5

Just like the TV show drinking games above, simply drink every time one of these events occurs in Peaky Binders:

  • Any character drinks.
  • A character sparks up a cigarette/cigar.
  • A character swears.
  • An explosion happens.
  • A Shelby family meeting is held.
  • Someone gets slashed by a peaky blinder hat.
  • A character gets killed.

Netflix Drinking Games

These drinking games are all about Netflix, to play these games you will have to have a Netflix subscription.

Netflix Drinking Game Rules

These are fixed rules no matter what show you watch on Netflix.

  • Whoever says no to a show when choosing what to watch must drink.
  • Everyone in your party must drink if someone goes to the toilet.
  • Everyone must drink if Netflix has to pause for whatever reason.
  • If it’s a horror and someone closes their eyes, they must continue drinking until they open them.
  • If someone asks a question about the TV show/film they must drink.
  • Whoever’s owns the Netflix account has the power to make a rule.

Stranger Things Drinking Game

Stranger Things TV show image

Stranger Things is probably the biggest Netflix Original series, next time you watch it at the weekend be sure to get your friends round and play this one!

All you have to do is take a drink every time one of these happens:

  • Eleven gets a nose bleed.
  • Lights flicker.
  • Eleven uses her powers.
  • Demogorgon is mention.
  • The upsidedown is shown or said.
  • A character lights a cigarette, or takes a drag.
  • A character fires a gun (Not every individual shot).
  • An Eggo gets shown.
  • Eleven is show in the black room underwater.
  • A character rides a bike.

The Good Place Drinking Game

The Good Place TV show image

The hilarious, quirky and mind blowing series The Good Place makes a for a great drinking game. Simply take a sip of your drink every time:

  • A swear word is changed to a normal word.
  • Chidi can’t make a decision.
  • Janet appears out of nowhere.
  • Tahani mentions having a friendship or knowing someone famous
  • A character goes down to Earth.
  • There’s a flashback.
  • Someone mentions the good or bad place.

You Netflix drinking game

The modern day stalker series with big twists and psycho actions. Try out this drinking game while watching You, all players must drink when:

  • Joe creepily stands behind an object to spy.
  • The message box pops up on the screen.
  • Someone dies.
  • Joe checks Becks phone or laptop.
  • Joe gets injured.
  • There’s a sex scene.

We hope you enjoy these drinking games, remember to drink responsibly and have a great night. Cheers!


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