Top 5 Home and Property Shows You Need to Watch

By Mason Mallett | 18 Sep 2018 at 4:17pm

Home, Property and renovation TV shows are incredibly popular, easy viewing and perfect to get you motivated for decorating your own home. Here are our Top 5 property shows that you may not have heard of, but you must watch! These shows explore phenomenal architecture, creative use of space and ideas to transform your own home.

Stay Here

stay here netflix tv show
Stay Here is a reality TV show on Netflix presented by Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer. The pair teach property owners how to turn their short-term rentals into money-making machines. The perfect show to watch if you have a property of your own to rent.

Air Date: Season 1 was released recently on the 17th August.
UK Channel: Netflix.
Broadcast: Batch Released.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The worlds most extraordinary homes
The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes follows renowned architect Piers Taylor and actress come property enthusiast Caroline Quentin as they travel the planet to find the most extraordinary, unique properties in the world.

Air Date: Season 1 was released recently on the 20th July.
UK Channel: BBC 2.
Broadcast: Weekly.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

george clarkes amazin spaces tv show image
George Clarke’s amazing spaces is the show which explores transforming small and quirky spaces into extraordinary liveable areas from small boats and horse boxes to planes and tree-houses.

Air Date: Series 7 aired 11th January 2018.
UK Channel: Channel 4.
Broadcast: Weekly.

Grand Designs

Grand Designs TV show image
British TV series Grand Designs is presented by Kevin McCloud and explores the journey of people building their dream home, from the idea, all the way to the finished product. The series has spawned a number of spin-offs, including Grand Designs Abroad, Grand Designs Revisited and Grand Designs New Zealand.

Air Date: 19th September 2018 (Wednesday).
UK Channel: Channel 4.
Broadcast: Weekly.
Next Season Airing: Season 18.


Amazing Interiors

amazing interiors tv show image
Amazing Interiors explores Eccentric home owners amazing interiors and spaces from a roller coaster in a garden to an indoor aquarium. Amazing Interiors looks at houses with special designs and extravagant decor. The home owners are interviewed to show an insight to the style choices.

Air Date: Season 1 was released recently on the 20th July.
UK Channel: Netflix.
Broadcast: Batch Released.

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