Series 5 of “The Bureau” premieres exclusively on AMC’s Sundance Now in the UK

By Matt Lovett | 8 Sep 2020 at 2:31pm

If you’re done with all that is already out there and looking for something more fresh and a different perspective on things, try opening the impressive treasure box that’s filled with nail-biting thrillers, romantic dramas, comedies, and epic true stories, released every week, to keep you on a constant quality engagement splurge. 


No one does it better than AMC’s UK streaming service Sundance Now, a commercial-free platform to keep you well pampered with some of the most high-quality productions put together by the most skilled international actors and teams to date. Available exclusively as an Amazon Prime channel.

The Bureau”, sculpted meticulously by renowned director Jacques Audiard, has been referred to as “One of the Best International TV Shows of the Decade” by The New York Times, and is one of many international TV shows available to its audience, and just like most well-thought-of French Spy Thrillers, this too has you gripped in every episode from start to finish. 

The Bureau Season 5 is available to stream on Sundance Now (Amazon Prime Channel)

Season 5 is at your doorstep already, and if you haven’t watched the first 4 seasons, there is no perfect time than now to catch up. Not to brag (okay just a little bit), this has been the winner of not one, but 5 French TV Critics Association Awards

We don’t want to spoil it for you but to give you a slight taste – If you’re into a combination of action-packed, mind-boggling undercover worlds coupled with a mix of espionage, French DGSE (Directorate General of External Security) secret agents living two completely separate lives between a fabricated identity and a covert intelligent agent, then, look out because this is the perfect treat for you and may just become your next obsession.  


What is Sundance Now?

Sundance Now is a streaming service from AMC focusing mainly on cultural enthusiasts who are mostly into the rhetoric of a brilliant international show (who wouldn’t be?) and was quietly launched back in 2018, available exclusively as an Amazon Prime channel. The Sundance Now streaming service costs just £5.99 a month and is currently offering a 7 day free trial to test out the service.


When is The Bureau season 5 available?

This French Spy Thriller “The Bureau” launches on Sundance Now, September 17.

Along with this to look forward to, on Sundance Now you will also have a tray full of other exhilarating international shows from all over the world to set your eyes on, ranging from The Restaurant, from Sweden, Stella Blomkvist from Iceland, the Danish dramedy (comedy-drama) Couple Trouble, Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Killing for Love, The Suspect, The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park, Ministry of Evil: The Twisted Cult of Tony Alamo to name just a few. 


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