Rolling In It

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Presented by Stephen Mulhern, Rolling In It is a game of chance where three contestants team up with some of their favourite celebrities in a bid to go home with a big cash prize.

Three teams, all made up of a player and their celebrity partner, have to roll a coin down a moving conveyor belt towards slots which are labelled with cash amounts to win. Along with the cash prizes there are also ‘Bankrupt’ slots, which mean the player loses everything.

As the game progresses, the amounts get bigger, and as a result, so do the penalties. In this game of luck, the roll of one final coin could determine whether the contestant loses everything or goes home ‘Rolling In It.’

 TV Show Air Date & Info for the UK


Next UK Air Date: TBA [Suggest?]
Last Season: 1
Genre: Game-Show

UK Channel: ITV 1

Country of Origin:  UK
Renewed: Not Known


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9 thoughts on “Rolling In It”

  1. Is the Stephen mulhern show going to be aired the rolling it in one? I went to a recording for it at the beginning of the year and been looking out for it on TV but can’t see anthing about it

  2. Myself and my wife’s family also went to the taping of the show and are excited for the air dates to be announced, but as of yet we are still waiting! When will this be released itv?!?!

  3. Just watched it for the first time……. really enjoyed but i do feel the two loosing need a little something rather than leaving empty handed……….. something like a lock in where they can secure abit of their winnings


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