Sell DVDs: Best ways to sell your DVDs and Box Sets

By Mason Mallett | 17 Mar 2019 at 11:54am

If you are looking to sell DVDs, then you have come to the right place. Digital has taken over the DVD industry with streaming services like Netflix and purchase on-demand services like Prime Video, which has probably left you with an abundance of old DVDs and box sets stored away, taking up space – that you don’t actually need!


Ways to sell your DVDs Online

There are many different sites that you can use to quickly sell your DVDs, here are some of the best which give you the highest cash return.


Cex is the only site in our list that also has physical retail stores which sells DVDs, box sets, games and more. The specialize in pre-owned and give really good prices considering the age of the item you are selling.

To sell online to Cex visit their website (which is called WeBuy) and search for the items you will want to sell, for example “Game of Thrones Season 1″. Once you find the DVD, simply click on the “want to sell” button and head to the want to sell checkout. Follow the instructions to sign-up and then send your DVDs off in the post.


Zapper is another easy way to sell your DVDs, it is a site created specifically for selling old CDs, DVDs and games. You can even sell mobile phones on it!


To get a value for your DVDs simply type in the barcode of the DVD. If you’re happy with the price, simply follow the instructions to complete the sale.


Momox is a great service, which offers free delivery when selling your DVDs. To get started, head over to Momox and type in the products barcode to get an instant price offer. Continue to add all your items to your checkout and once complete, simply send your items to them in the post with free delivery!

Music Magpie

Music Magpie started off by just buying CDs, but now accept a whole range of items from DVDs, games to mobiles, books and even LEGO! Music Magpie is probably the biggest site after Cex.

Just like some of the sites above, all you have to do is type in the barcode of the DVD and then complete the sale by sending your items in the post. Music Magpie also offer free delivery and same day payments, making it super easy to sell.


Alternative ways to sell your DVDs

Here are some other ways to sell your DVDs, they require a little more effort from you, but you might be able to get a better price for your DVD. The extra effort might not be worth the extra money though, you need to way it up really. For a box set of every season of Game of Thrones selling it via one of the below might be the way to go.


Gumtree is a local selling site, where you can list your items (usually for free) and hope for a buyer. Listing DVDs to sell is really simple and will only take you a few moments, but the sale is not guaranteed.


The massive social media site Facebook also has it’s own selling feature. The service is completely free and is quite popular making it easy and quick to sell. To sell your DVDs simply log in to Facebook using your normal details and head over to the marketplace identified by a shop front icon.

If you are wanting a more fulfilling way to get rid of your DVDs you could look at donating them to hospitals, charity shops or neighbours!


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