It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Four decidedly narcissistic high school friends grow up to be the proprietors of Philadelphia’s most run down Irish bar, known as Paddy’s Pub. Created by and starring Rob McElhenney as Mac, Charlie Day as Charlie and Glenn Howerton as Dennis; “The Gang” also consists of Dee, Dennis’ twin sister, played by Kaitlin Olson and Danny Devito, who plays Dennis and Dee’s legal father. Each episode involves the characters inadvertently outdoing one another’s egotistic, dishonest and downright immoral deeds in a display of all things truly unethical and yet undeniably comical.

The series follows “The Gang’s” complete spiral into madness and rejection from society as their own self obsession blinds them from performing even the simplest of tasks successfully. They live in their own filth and have deep-rooted psychological problems and yet come across as a strangely charming group of friends, even if you can’t help but wince at some of the truly awful things they do to anybody they come across.


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Next UK Air Date: TBA [Suggest?]
Last Season: 13
Genre: Comedy

UK Channel: Netflix

Country of Origin:USA
Renewed: Yes
Broadcast: Batch Released

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