Younger is an American comedy-drama which follows Liza Miller, a single mother who after being mistaken for younger than she really is, decides to take the chance to reboot her career and her love life as a 26-year old.


 TV Show Air Date & Info for the UK

Next UK Air Date: TBA [Suggest?]
Last Season: 3
Genre: Comedy, Romance

UK Channel: Comedy Central

Country of Origin:  No items found
Renewed: Not Known
Broadcast: Weekly

 Previous UK Season Air Dates

Season 2
27th Jul 2016

Season 1
25th Nov 2015

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16 thoughts on “Younger”

    • It is great! Not sure on S3 date yet but I’m pretty sure it’s coming to Comedy Central 😀 I don’t think it’ll be long! – Matt

  1. Hi
    Please can you tell us which date in May season 3 of Younger starts in the U.K. as I have been waiting 5 years for it.
    I love this show!!!!

  2. I love this show and don’t understand why when it is already a few years old it is SO hard for us to just watch in the uk??
    They have series 1 and 2 on now Tv/ sky and series 2 finished weeks ago – Why hasn’t series 3 started yet? It’s not like it’s new? And why can’t we just buy the box set anywhere? Again you can do this with all other series and I would happily just buy it to watch. Finding it very frustrating and can’t find anything online anywhere! Clearly I’m not waiting patiently!

  3. I emailed Comedy Central UK about ten days ago asking for a broadcast date and have not yet received a response. Suggest everyone emails them so they start to see how much people want to watch it! End of last year they said they were showing series 2 right up to current season ahead of next season launch in the US. What happened?

  4. Hi

    Please can someone tell me when Season 5 of Younger will be on in the UK?

    They finally put on season 3 on Comedy Central after years of waiting, followed immediately by season 4 which was great. Now we are back to waiting for Season 5.

    I love this show!!!

  5. OMG I’m desperate for an air date for season 5! I’ve finally found something I’m hooked on other than watching friends over and over!

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