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By Mason Mallett | 12 Mar 2019 at 6:40pm

Blockbusters is a classic 80s game show, which brought you the famous phrase “I’ll have a P please Bob”. Now… It’s returning to our screens in 2019!

This time round the game show will be hosted by Irish comedian Dara O’Briain, but will still hold the same great format you may know and love! Even the theme tune is the same, just remastered and slightly modernized.

For those that don’t know, Blockbusters is a question based game show that see’s two teams of teenagers (one team with a solo player and the other as a team of two) battle it out, as they answer questions to make their way across the board to the other side.

blockbusters episode 1 2019

The board is split up into hexagons with one team going left to right and the other bottom to top, meaning they can block each other from getting to the other side. To get a hexagon in their colour, they must answer a question correctly. Questions are based around the letter on the hexagon block. For example if the letter is U, the question could be “What is the best resource for finding air dates?” and the answer would be UKAirDates.


For each block answered correctly, the contestants gain £20 in their cash pot. In the final round, known as the gold run. The blocks will be worth £50. If they complete the Gold Run by getting to the other side, the contestant will receive an experiential prize. Lose, and they will take home their cash pot, along with a Blockbusters hooded jacket and mug.

blockbusters reboot review 2019
Comedy Central

Blockbusters 2019 Review

Blockbusters is the epitome of a classic game show, rebooted perfectly. Dara O’briain brings continuous hilarity filled with millennial jokes and quick wit.

The game show combines the right amount of knowledge, humour and conversation down to a tee. Everyone looks comfortable, laughing and generally having a good time, which reflects to viewers at home.

Blockbusters holds an iconic format and a groovy theme-tune, with-out over doing it or adding unnecessary twists. It provides pleasant and relatable viewing for all ages and interests, whether you are wanting to quiz yourself, or just looking for some easy viewing TV.

The conclusion? An impeccable quiz show bringing a classic to modern day TV, the only time you’ll stop smiling is when you’ll be struggling to answer the questions.


Blockbusters 2019 Air Date and Channel

In the UK Blockbusters will air on Comedy Central, Thursday 21st March at 8pm.

Blockbusters 2019 Reboot Trailer


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