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5 Year

5 Year is a pre-apocalyptic series that focuses on how people across the globe choose to live after learning the … Read more

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Room 104 TV Show Image

Room 104

Room 104 is an anthology series set in a single room at an average American motel, which tells the stories … Read more

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Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers follows Craig (Daniel Radcliffe), a low-level angel at Heaven Inc, who’s responsible for handling all of humanity’s prayers. … Read more

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Dirty John

Dirty John is an American true crime anthology based on the podcast of the same name by Christopher Goffard. The … Read more

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Scream TV Series


Scream is an American anthology slasher TV series, originally airing on MTV, based on the film series of the same … Read more

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Slasher TV series


Slasher is a Canadian horror anthology series, which follows terrifying killers. Season one follows “the executioner” a man that starts … Read more

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The Missing TV show

The Missing

The Missing is an anthology series that follows cases of people who have disappeared. Julien Baptiste, a retired French detective … Read more

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Into the Dark

Into the Dark is an American horror anthology series, with each episode inspired by a seasonal holiday.

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Channel Zero

Channel Zero is an American anthology horror series with each episode based on popular internet creepypasta – horror stories and legends … Read more

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the terror

The Terror

The Terror is a British-American horror drama anthology series based on the Dan Simmons’ book of the same name. Starring Jared … Read more

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